About Me

BacklinkProfessor.com was founded by Prof. Vicky, a Christian SEO blogger who adds humour to the serious world of SEO while teaching bloggers how to rank their websites one step at a time. I also help people find profitable keywords.

I’m a  Keyword Research Guru and SEO Expert with a difference.

After running a successful online business for 12 years with monthly income of $10,000, I hit a major breakthrough in 2016.

This website was created to teach others the lessons I have learnt all this while.

Backlinkprofessor.com  is on its way to becoming one of the most unique Keyword research and SEO technique blog online.

My number one duty is to provide you with creative and well researched blog post ideas and give you tips on how to rank your site..

Useful resources, tools, tricks to help bloggers and small business owner rank their site and dominate the search engine.

Vicky is the brain behind BacklinkProfessor.com, a website that gives businesses and bloggers the tips and tricks needed to gain quality traffic and create great content.
At BacklinkProfessor.com, Victoria give blog post ideas ideas, writes about building backlinks, keyword research, content creation and marketing, blogging, SEO techniques, tips and tricks.

She also give out weekly blog post ideas for bloggers in different niches.

Target audience Of BackLinkProfessor.com:

  • All Bloggers looking for keyword ideas, blog post ideas and great topics to write about.
  • All Bloggers looking low competition high traffic keywords and many more.
  • New bloggers looking to make money online.
  • Intermediate bloggers looking to improve their search engine rankings
  • Pro bloggers looking for relationship and more advanced ideas.
  • Small business owners looking for ways to rank their sites and market their businesses.
  • SEO bloggers who wants to learn to unwind in the serious world of SEO.
  • Since humor saves life, it is time to start adding humor to Search Engine Optimization.

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