Top 10 Richest & Highest Paid Bloggers In The World 2018 & Their Net Worth


When we’re talking about the top 10 richest and highest paid bloggers in the world for the current year and their net worth, we’re not just talking about hundreds of dollars here, but the thousands of dollars these guys have been earning so far with their blogs monthly after dedicating so much time and energy into blogging.

It’s so unfortunate that most veteran and newbie bloggers never endure to painstakingly build up their own blogs not minding how long it takes to get the first-page rankings and all of that.

The top 10 richest and highest paid bloggers in the world today gave it all it required to build their own multi-million dollar brands and virtual real estates, spending so many years persistently and have become what they are today in the blogging industry.

Without any further emphasis, let’s get into business to learn more about these folks that have become the top professional paid bloggers and the top 10 richest earners in the blogging world today.

Arianna Huffington: HuffPost

The Huffington post was created as far back as 2005 by Arianna Huffington together with three other colleagues. Huffpost was launched as a platform for liberal and political news. As at the current year, it has grown at a pace faster than the industry and has developed the various platforms such as technology, news, business, entertainment, digital arts, sports, and many others.

In 2011, the Huffington post was bought by AOL for a sum of $315,000,000. It simply earns its major revenue through the paid banner advertisements and the various digital adverts displayed on its website and has an estimated net worth of $1,000,000,000.

Unlike before when the works of unpaid bloggers were being published on its platforms, new sections, platforms, and opinions have been launched to early this very year and an end has been put to publishing the works of unpaid bloggers.

Peter Rojas: Engadget

Peter Rojas is a blogger of 10 different blogs that published posts on consumer electronics and technology niches. Peter Rojas created the franchise as far back as 2004 and sold it all to AOL a year later.

Gadget enthusiasts and business entrepreneurs have found the franchise a must-visit site as it covers informative reviews of electronics and gadgets.

Currently, the platform runs 10 different blogs together once out of which 4 are operated in English and others are written in international languages with each of the blogs having its blog editors.

Engadget earns its major revenue from paid advertisements and makes more than $5,500,000 every month.

Rand Fishkin: Moz

Moz was created by Rand Fishkin and was initially generating subscriptions and marketing tools for its users. Currently, Moz has become a fully-fledged, functional, and featured digital marketing and search engine optimization blog providing highly-informative and engaging content on these niches to its audience all over the world.

Its major source of revenue has been from the various tools and services it’s been providing to its users which include keyword and niche research tool, site rank tool, site editor, and many more.

Moz publishes articles on online marketing, search engine ranking, search engine traffic, and the likes and generates more than $4,500,000 monthly revenue from its blog. It receives more than 6 million traffic views every month.

Michael Arrington: TechCrunch

TechCrunch was created and fully-launched in 2005 by Michael Arrington, and was sold to AOL in 2010 just like Engadget and HuffPost.

TechCrunch derives its major source of revenue from paid advertisement banners, earns more than $2,500,000 every month, and receives more than 31,000,000 traffic hits monthly. It’s run in English, Japanese, and Chinese.

Pete Cashmore: Mashable

Mashable was created in 2005 by Pete Cashmore, a blogger who was working from the comfort of his home in Scotland. Mashable is a blog that published digital news on entertainment, technology, lifestyle, and Science. It does social promotion on Twitter and Facebook platforms alone.

It was recognized as one of the top 25 blogs in the online world by Time Magazine and was sold in December 2017 to Davis Ziff for $50,000,000. Since December 2017, its monthly revenue has grown to $2,000,000 and it has been receiving more than 25,000,000 traffic hits monthly.

Martin Lewis:

Being a personal finance related blog; was launched in 2003 by Martin Lewis, a British financial journalist.

It offers its users/readers tools like the credit card eligibility checker, mortgage calculator, and many more to get information on how they can reduce their bills. Its content is based on consumer savings and personal finance niches.

It’s an affiliate marketer that earns its major revenue from affiliate programs. In 2012, was sold to and has been earning more than $1,300,000 in revenue every month receiving more than 30,000,000 traffic hits monthly.

Brian Clark: CopyBlogger

CopyBlogger is a content marketing blog created by Brian Clark in 2006. It provides fully-informative and engaging content on online marketing to its readers.

CopyBlogger currently earns more than $1,000,000 in online revenue and derives its major source of revenue from the selling of marketing tools and services receiving more than 1,000,000 monthly traffic hits on its blog.

Perez Hilton: is an entertainment related blog. It publishes quality-rich content on celebrity gossip and it is owned by Perez Hilton popularly known as Mario Armando. has been earning its major revenue from the paid banner advertisements displayed everywhere on its website. It currently earns more than $500,000 monthly revenue receiving more than 6,000,000 monthly traffic hits.

Univision Communications: Gizmodo

Gizmodo is another masterpiece launched by Peter Rojas, the owner of Engadget and was created in 2002 even before Engadget to focus deeply on Technology and Science. It publishes content on technology, design, politics, and science fiction.

Gizmodo derives its major source of revenue from sponsored content and paid banner advertisements. While it receives a monthly traffic of 74,000,000 hits on its website, it earns more than $325,000 every month.

Smashing Magazine

Smashing Magazine is an online content hub designed for designers and web developers. It was launched by Vitaly Friedman and Sven Lennartz in 2006. Its main source of revenue is derived from the articles and eBooks published on its blog.

While it receives a monthly traffic of 4,000,000 views, its monthly revenue has been more than $215,000.

We hope this list of top 10 richest bloggers in the world has managed to equip you with all the information you need.

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