How To Outrank Competitors, Build High DR Do Follow Backlinks In 2019 The Easy Way (Fast Guide)

how to find competitors backlinks 2019 build high dr backlinks

How To Find Your Competitors Do Follow High DA Backlinks & Build High Quality Backlinks In 2019 The Easy Way (Fast Guide)

Welcome to, a blog that add ease and simplicity to the serious world of Search Engine Optimization.

I believe you have reach this page in an effort to outrank your competitors this year.

This simple guide will show you ways to do that.

Now let’s give you a quick tip to rank your blog without wasting time.

To start your competitors from today, you  have to set some time apart in a week just for promoting your websites.

How To Outrank Your Competitor Using Google & Ahrefs Link Intersect Tool The Easy Way

If you want to rank your website, head to to look for 3 of your competitors.

So let’s say, you are a fashion blogger, you should type something like “fashion tips for women” in

how to outrank your competitor 2019

Pick 3 of your competitors domain name e.g their,

How To Find Your Competitors Backlinks In 2019 & Get High Quality Backlinks To Your Site

For this step, you will need an account with account.  Visit to sign up for their 7 day free trial.

ahrefs free trial coupon

You can still use this for complete 7 days to see how the tool works but as a serious blogger, you need it.

If  you are a serious SEO blogger or website looking to promote your website, you will need Ahrefs to build backlinks by uncovering your competitors Backlink profiles.

Click here to access AHREFS LINK INTERSECT TOOL.

ahrefs link intersect

Enter 3 of your competitors domain in the above tool and click show link opportunities.

how to use ahrefs link intersect tool

Note: I have blocked the above urls to prevent the site owners from freaking out.

For example if Backlinkprofessor is one of your competitors, you will enter

Then enter the url of the other 2 competitors and click show link opportunities as shown in the above image.

After clicking show link opportunities, you will see the image below

how to find competitors backlinks

You can now sort it by DR (Domain rank) and see their backlinks.

This is the best way to build High PR backlinks to your site.

Watch the short video below for more information about this useful tool.

How To Build High PR Authority Backlinks In 2019 Video

Put Your Backlink Building Strategies To Work Now

I recommend you install No follow chrome extension to see if those link are follow or do follow.

Do follow will do your site more good than harm but be wise with it to prevent issue with Big G!!!.

You can also accomplish the same task with AHREFS Site Explorer.

I don’t want to bombard you with too many information like I said.

Go ahead and follow the above information to build quality backlinks to your site.

In my next article, I will explain to you another trick to rank your website the easy way.

Keep on ranking and make sure you pray to God for help.

Remember without him we can do nothing but with his help, we are more than conquerors.

God bless you friends.

He loves you so very much.

Stay strong, stay focused and have faith.

I love you.

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Note: Be careful of Black hat techniques, don’t use such in 2019, Google’s Next Algorithm update will break their backbone this year.

Site promotion and backlink building is hard but the White Hat Way which I called “The Holy Steps” is far much better.

Little Manual backlink with quality is far better than huge backlinks built with software which can end up getting your site sand-boxed. Be wise guys.

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