10 Mistakes SEO Bloggers Make And How To Avoid Them (Best 2019 Guide)

common mistakes seo bloggers make avoid them

Welcome to BacklinkProfessor.com.

Article Aim: In this report, am going to be pointing out major mistakes SEO bloggers make.

Target Audience: Newbie, Intermediate & Pro SEO Bloggers.

10 Common Mistakes SEO Bloggers Make And  How To Avoid Them.

According to a research survey, there are over 8500 SEO bloggers all over the world and out of these numbers, there are three categories, the pro, intermediate and newbies.

The pro seo bloggers like Brian Dean of Backlinko and Neil Patel are so popular that they have become mentors to both intermediate and newbie SEO bloggers.

These giants are now making money by selling SEO techniques and training course to the other two categories.

If you are a newbie SEO blogger, I will highly encourage you to look for SEO niches that can be considered shoulder.

What Are Shoulder Niches.

These are niches that are not so popular unlike the saturated niche like Search Engine Optimization, a good example of shoulder SEO niche is review website of SEO courses.

As a pro blogger with over 18 years of SEO experience, I don’t even encourage new bloggers to enter this niche unless if they are ready to work round the clock creating unique and informational contents and building backlinks round the clock.

If you have the time to create backlink and long informational content, then don’t give up , this niche is for you.

That being said, let get right into the topic of the day.

10 Common Mistakes SEO Bloggers Make And  How To Avoid Them.

  • Access To Too Many Conflicting Information On Blogging, SEO Techniques

This is why many newbie are not doing well in Search Engine Optimization niche.

In this highly competitive niche, there are so many conflicting information that can even burst the head of a newbie making them give up easily.

To fix this, only narrow your reference blogs to about 3 and ensure you are following the leaders in the business.

  • Too Many Mentors

This is similar to number  one point. When you look up to too many mentors, chances are you may soon quit when confusion sets in. So I encourage you to keep not more than 3 mentors to prevent mental confusion.

  • Too Many Training, Information Seminar and Course material

I have a friend who quit blogging altogether in February 2018 after years of struggle because it seems too tedious for her.

As a mother of three, I have been in this business for over 18 years and in the first 8 years of blogging, I felt like giving up but since I have made up my mind to fire my boss, I kept at it and today I have something tangible to show for it.

So back to my friend story, her problem was that she spent over $18,000 on course materials all with conflicting information, when she found it heard to assimilate the course materials, she gave up and went back to her 9 to 5 job.

According to MotivationCollege.com, there is no way you can make it in life if you give up even before you start.

Perhaps, because I was broke in the beginning that gave me the persistence to keep pressing until I got to a point where I started making $10,000 per month consistently.

Not a bragging right, many people that buy too many course materials in the beginning may never do well unlike those with limited budget.

So my friend, that you have the cash does not mean you have to lavish it on all available materials. I encourage you to take one material at a time, master it well and apply it before trying another.

  • Lack Of Relationship.

In this niche, you need people to succeed. Why did I say so?

Guest blogging is one of the number source of White Hat Backlinks for SEO bloggers, they connect with each other and mention each other in their articles and by doing so, they keep helping each other rank in Google because they all have the common knowledge that the more link you have, the more you rank in Big G.

So my friend, don’t be a loner in this niche, try and network for success.  I will explain this in details when we start our thorough tutorial but for now, let’s start with the basic.

  • Blackhat Linking Building Technique.

If you are one of those engaging in BlackHat Linkbuilding method, you better stop now before Google de-index your site. I have a friend who used to buy Do follow backlinks on Fiverr. She did this for so long that one day, Google deindexed her site. She put so many effort into building the fitness site sadly, all her efforts went down the drain all because she engaged in Blackhat link building techniques. Enough said, don’t join the black hat gang because they will all soon go underground never to be remembered again.

Remember Google will soon roll up another algorithm change to catch the bad guys, don’t be a part of them.

  • Lack Of Quality Contents

Before you even try building link to your site, you must first have great content that people in your niche can link . If you don’t have great content, don’t expect others to link to you as you will find it difficult to rank in Google.

seo content creation 2019

To succeed in this niche, get used to writing quality contents every week. Remember content is the king. If you don’t have time to write the content yourself, you can hire capable hands on website like Fiverr.com for a fee.

  • Lack Of SEO Knowledge

If you don’t know Search Engine Optimization, don’t bother coming into this niche, you will end up frustrating yourself. Am saying this to you from experience. A lot of wanna be SEO bloggers have quit just because they have no clue what the niche is all about.

Let me not sound as if am discouraging you, if this is what you really wanna do, then by all means, get trained. Get proper training from authority sources, put it to work and when you see it is working, then it is time to start writing to help others.

Ensure you make helping others your number one priority and not making quick money.

  • Lack Of Action

Lack of action aka procrastination is a killer. To do anything worthwhile in this niche, you must take action right away anytime you hear of an ew technique. Don’t allow procrastination to steal the momentum from you.

  • Lack of Content Ideas

This happens to every blogger and not only in this niche. To write great content, you must know what to write and how to go about writing it.

This is where Keyword research comes in. On this site, I will give you detail of how to find less competitive keywords to write traffic generating articles on. Just stay with me.

Without content, you can’t rank and with no content ideas, discouragement and frustration can set in.

  • Outdated Ideas and Information.

If you don’t follow the latest trend in your industry then you will lag behind other SEO gurus out there. To become a Guru yourself, you have to stay on top on information and the best place to do this is via Google News.

seo trend 2019 google news

  • Writing On What You Don’t Know

The way an expert SEO blogger will write an article will be different from the way novice or newbie write. The difference between the two categories is their depth of knowledge.

So ensure you get adequate knowledge to be on top of your game.

So before I round up, you may be wondering who is this, don’t worry , my English may not be as perfect as you all want it to be but my level of SEO, Blogging and Keyword research knowledge can never be denied.

I am a SEO Blogger with a difference.  I don’t do what everyone is doing out there. I’m more calm in my approach and trust me. I love to learn from others and also have mentors.  I write all my blog post from experience and from knowledge learn from trending topics in Search Engine Optimization.

It have 18 years of a wonderful journey in blogging and SEO world.

I used my SEO skill to take my first blog, the most popular news blog in Africa to the front page of Google for many solid keywords.

My name is Victoria Adewoyin, welcome to my world.

I’m a Canadian of a Nigerian descent.

I know you will love this blog because am an expert SEO blogger. Not only an expert, I see myself as a Professor in this Niche.

This is why I called it BacklinkProfessor.com, a SEO blog with a difference.

My hope is to help both newbie and intermediate Bloggers, website owners and those intending to join the SEO world from level zero to 10.

If you are struggling to make money online, this blog is for you. Ensure you stay tuned.

Just make sure you follow my instruction, you will be glad you did.

I will do my blog postings in series so as to make learning easy for everyone.

Once again welcome on board.

This is my first blog post on BacklinkProfessor.com. I hope you enjoyed it.

Feel free to browse around this site for more authority ideas on blogging, keyword research, linking building and Search Engine optimization.

Thanks for visiting today.

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