How To Make Money Online Fast In Nigeria: 50 Easy Ways (2018 Guides)

how to make money online fast in nigeria

50 Genuine Ways Of Making Money Online Fast In Nigeria (Best Step By Step Guides & Free Training Course)

While some Nigerians are earning cool and consistent online revenue today, so many others are yet to believe that they can make legitimate money online working from the comfort of their homes.

When it comes to making money online, you need to learn from pros and implement the working strategies building your business on the solid/proven fundamentals.

On, you will learn the numerous ways to earn cool and legitimate income online. You might have read online that the richest blogger in the world today has an estimated net worth of $1 billion. The pioneer blog owner is Arianna Huffington; a passionate blogger who publishes articles on entertainment, news, technology, business, and many more. Arianna’s blog generates millions of traffic hits every month.

If people like Arianna could be earning so big online, then you can make money too so far you’re willing to invest the time, energy and little spending.

Why Should You Start Working Online?

Below are the main reasons you should start an online business:

  • Always ready to receive payment: If you have a personal website and you run it regularly producing informative and engaging content for your readers, it can turn out to be a great source of online revenue for you. You can receive payments from anyone anytime in all the parts of the world.
  • Access to the international market: One fantastic thing about running an online business is that you have unlimited access to the international market. You’ll be able to sell stuff to anyone anywhere in the world without having to meet each other physically.
  • Little capital required: Unlike most of the offline businesses, you’re not expected to spend that much while setting up or launching an online business. Even to build a virtual real estate online, it doesn’t cost as much as building a physical one, whereas, you’ll be making the most from the former when compared to what you’ll be making from the latter.
  • Cost-effective: The last time I set up a private remedial center, it cost me a lot of money carrying logistics about, making some furniture, and all of that, whereas, when I launched a coaching session on my own personal blog, I didn’t spend a cent on logistics or anything else.
  • Work at your chosen place: While you’re building an online business, it doesn’t matter where you have to work. If comfortable, you may continue working right in the office or from the comfort of your home.

How To Make Money Online In Nigeria 2018

Here are the 50 ways to make money online in Nigeria:

  1. Join Affiliate Programs

How do you start affiliate marketing in Nigeria? Must you have a personal website before you can start promoting affiliate programs? Not at all! You can become an affiliate marketer with or without a personal website.

If you want to promote affiliate programs without a personal website, you have a 100% possibility to become high-successful. You have the online communities/forums at your own disposal such as,,, and many others to promote affiliate programs of your choice.

Aside from promoting affiliate programs on forums, you can create a business page on and start creating posts about affiliate programs right away.

What are the basic steps to follow to ensure you make the most out of affiliate marketing without a website?

  • Open a free blog using,, or
  • Add your free blog address as a signature to the online forums
  • Create an official page on
  • Publish on 5 different social media platforms and include your free blog address
  • Be consistent and persistent
  • Help a lot of people solve their problems on social media
  • Build engagement with your fans on social media
  • Respond to other people’s questions on forums and communities.

What affiliate programs can you join in Nigeria?

While planning to join affiliate programs, the following are suggested affiliate networks you can work for:

  1. Konga affiliate program
  2. Jumia affiliate program
  3. Amazon associate program
  4. Commission Junction (CJ)
  5. Grammarly affiliate program
  6. Shareasale affiliate program
  7. eBay affiliate network, and many more.

While creating content on your blog, you may include your affiliate links where appropriate. To ensure you don’t lose too many signups, you must endeavor to shorten your affiliate links. Once you can publish informative and engaging content on that blog, generating tons of traffic is guaranteed.

While working for an affiliate company, you must have it at the back of your mind that you’re doing a real business. So, you must do it with an entrepreneurial spirit leaving no stone unturned.

Of all the ways to make money online, affiliate marketing is the only program that helps you earn the most. Other programs follow suit. For instance, by the time your website will have been generating up to $2500 a month, you will have been earning up to $5000-$10000 in monthly revenue.

From the same traffic that your blog generates, you’ll make all the affiliate sales for the month and you’ll earn the Adsense revenue as well. The probability that a reader/visitor will click on any of the affiliate links embedded within your blog content is higher than the probability that he will click on any of the Ads displayed by Google or any other advertising network.

Based on the probability/possibility suggested above, much more revenue is highly-likely to be made from affiliate commissions than from Adsense revenue on any website that promotes affiliate programs on all pages. To many veteran bloggers out there, Google Adsense revenue is just a piece of cake while the affiliate revenue is the major.

If you don’t get a hang on this, don’t worry, you will read a detail step by step guide soon.

  1. Start Your Own Search Engine

One of the greatest ways to make money online in Nigeria is to own a search engine. Through your personal search engine, you can earn millions selling advertising spaces. The most popular search engines in the online world include,,,,,, and many more.

At whatever level you’re operating a search engine in Nigeria, making money is guaranteed so far you can build it up persistently to get more users.

In Nigeria, we have typical examples of Nigerians who are making cool and legitimate money operating personal search engines. These include,,, and lots more.

How Search Engine Owner Can Make Money

One of the ways through which search engine owners make the most is through sponsored Ads, paid banner advertisements, and the likes.

Are you planning to start a personal search engine? I’m pleased to inform you that you can launch a fully-fledged, functional, and optimized search engine of your own easily by using premium tools like search engine crawler script.

It is one of the most powerful and ready-made search engine crawler scripts in the industry. Affordable hosting services like “Bluehost” or if you want a reliable hosting company, are created at your own disposal.

It’s so easy to make money operating a personal search engine because a lot of people usually search for things so quickly wherever they have the opportunity or chance. So, thousands of people will find your site a perfect tool for performing online searches rather than using Google, Yahoo, Bing, or any popular search engine all the time.

In Nigeria, most people don’t focus on this particular business, whereas, the few Nigerians who operate personal search engines are making millions monthly.

If you’re considering starting a search engine of your own, don’t hesitate taking a step. The search engine crawler script recommended above is a ready-made tool for you. Leverage the tool right away and make launch a personal search engine.

  1. Build an Online Community

Are you willing to launch an online community of your own? Whether you’re operating on a .com,, or on a domain, you can launch a great community by:

  • Buying a forum software
  • Adding a free WordPress forum plugin to your free WordPress blog

When you start growing your community, you’ll begin to see improvements in Page Rank. The more the social engagement on your online community, the higher your Page Rank in Google and other major search engines!

Among other things, an online community is a way of building a first-page ranking in Google. Though a lot of people see online community as an avenue to participate in discussions, ask questions on anything, and reply to other people’s posts, the efficacy of running it is more than the participation that we see everyone get involved in.

Google and other major search engines get enticed by the engagement going on and, thus, improve your page ranking.

As people create more posts and threads, Google spider gets back always to index all of these posts for ranking purposes and when this occurs frequently, it improves the search engine ranking of the community. A typical example of such an online community that has ranked a first-page position in Google is

If you’re going to build an online community, it would be great to check out to see how far it has gone in forum posting activities, engagement, threads, and replies and emulate. Without any doubt, the Warrior Forum generates millions of traffic hits monthly in search engines and you can be there one day so far you remain focused.

If you just want to run an online community within your website, it is quite feasible. If you’re operating a WordPress blog, just log in to your WordPress dashboard and go to the plugin directory to search for online community plugins. You have hundreds of plugins at your disposal to set up an online community within your site.

With the click of a mouse, you’re good to go. You’ll just click on the preferred forum software/plugin to install and activate on your WordPress site. Once activated, you’ve just launched an online community right on your website and you can start growing it gradually.

When it comes to growing an online community, the best strategy to implement is to make real people start posting threads and replies, getting them involved in discussions, questions and answers. And one of the ways to get real people to do the posting jobs and all of that is using the services of a forum posting platform,,,, and many more.

By using the forum posting platforms suggested above, you wouldn’t have to worry anymore about who is going to be creating posting activities at your online community. The services of this platform will take care of that.

  1. Create Services on Fiverr

When it comes to making money online in Nigeria, selling services (Gigs) on Fiverr is one of the greatest possible ways to actualize this. What skills do you have that you can turn into services for those who need them? What is your passion all about that you can commercialize on Fiverr in form of services?

People sell such services as freelancing, copywriting, translation, graphics, logo design, and many more on Fiverr and make thousands daily, weekly, and monthly.

Fiverr is the largest online marketplace to list a service for sale and you’ll make the most from this platform once you can devise the right strategy.

Creating Gigs (Services) is a process to be completed in few steps and, your Gigs will be approved almost immediately.

The greatest problem in using Fiverr is how you’re going to make the first sale. In as much as people are needed to buy your services, you’ll need to strategize how your first set of gigs will be created. You must craft your gigs in such an interesting or captivating way.

When the potential readers come across this, they must be moved or captivated to buy any of your services. Gigs that sound like “ I will write a 1000-word article for you and build engagement on it for the next three months”, “I will dance to your music with an old school dress while you play alongside”, and many other patterns like that.

When you successfully sell a service which usually costs 5 bucks, you’ll get $4 while Fiverr takes the remaining $1 for site maintenance. Fiverr too makes millions of dollar from the site maintenance fee alone while a lot of users are also earning thousands monthly.

So, if you’re still facing problems making your first sale, implement the strategy above and you’ll be surprised how your first buyer will knock at you when you don’t expect.

Fiverr pays via PayPal or through via MasterCard to those who prefer to have a Fiverr MasterCard.

A taboo in selling on Fiverr is the use of proxies to hide IP. No amount of proxy used will prevent Fiverr from detecting your real location. Once your real location is detected, your account will be suspended from the network immediately.

  1. Become an Online Tutor

Are you passionate about tutoring online in your area of specialization? What course did you study in the university? Did you study lucrative courses such as Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, Biology, Economics, Engineering, and others? And you would love to start making money tutoring others from your own pool of knowledge, right?

The internet has opened doors to financial wealth for many people; yet, some still remain ignorant despite this exposure.

Instead of wasting your precious time and talent working with some worthless private schools in the streets of Nigeria, why not try the online tutoring platforms like the ones suggested for you below and change your story in a lifetime.

If you carefully conduct a search for any question in any field of knowledge, you’ll discover that there’s no area of knowledge such that people like you wouldn’t have talked about online. You’ll find solution to almost every question you may likely have asked the search engines.

Thus, if you’re an expert in Mathematics, for instance, you can start tutoring within your area of interest in Mathematics, maybe Applications in Mathematics, Basic Arithmetic and Operations, Algebra, Number and Numeration, Geometry, or any other area.

You’ll discover that, in more than 12 months of teaching in private schools, you won’t be able to make up to what you would have made in 1 month if you had been tutoring online.

Now the opportunity has come your way as you have platforms in Nigeria that will let you make money for your passion. If you’re passionate about tutoring online in Nigeria, you have platforms below whereby you can earnestly start your tutoring services:

  1. Start a Personal Website

Starting a personal website is no longer tedious like before as you now have hundreds of web builder tools at your own disposal that will convert all texts and images to the basic HTML codes automatically as you type or create content. A typical example of such web builder tools is the platform whereby you’ll be able to build a website in minutes making use of the free tasks and videos added along.

You also have hundreds of templates at your own disposal for your website design and layout which can be accomplished easily using this tool.

You can even start a website of your own today with or without any investment so far you can leverage platforms like to build a site.

Another crucial thing you’ll need for making your site go live on the web is to use an integrated hosting platform like Bluehost (Whereby hosting costs $10 per year to buy a domain name at the rate of $0.99 for the first year only) provided you wouldn’t want to leverage platforms like is even known and recognized as the most integrated and most powerful hosting platform in the online world today and it doesn’t cost you a dime so far you would love to create a site through it.

While starting a personal website, there are things you’ll need to understand lest you give up so quickly and quit ahead of your online success. At first, you will have to realize that you’re building a virtual real estate and this will take some time to grow.

Work on the following instructions and follow every bit sheepishly in order to become successful in setting up an online empire:

  • Get trained through an online entrepreneur certification program.
  • Complete all the tasks in the training and make sure you watch all videos (If any).
  • Know from the onset that you’re building up a multi-million dollar brand.
  • Learn about the use of low competition keywords and use these to write all of the content on your blog, making sure that you always pick a keyword with the Quoted Search Result (QSR) being less than or equal to 100, the average searches being greater than or equal to 30, and the monthly traffic complying with the average searches and Quoted Search Result (QSR).
  • Prepare to use only the low competition keywords for all of your articles.
  • Be persistent in working on your site daily.
  • Publish content frequently (Daily if possible).
  • Create informative, remarkable, compelling, helpful, creative, and engaging content at all times.
  • Build engagement with your readers.
  • Respond to other people’s comments on time, usually in less than 24 hours.
  • Visit other people’s blogs and read their posts.
  • Comment actively on other people’s blog posts and do this persistently.
  • Connect to online influencers.
  • Follow the pro bloggers and get pro blogging results.
  1. Sell Advertising Spaces on Your Personal Website

Like Peter Rojas whose major source of online revenue is from banner advertisements and who earns more than $5.5 million monthly in revenue from 10 different blogs, you can turn your personal site into a multiple stream of income by creating space for paid advertisements.

When the traffic hits begin to increase, you’ll generate more revenue and you’ll make a lot of money building an online empire and a virtual real estate.

As you get more ranking in search engines, your traffic boosts and this becomes a great potential for you to earn revenue in a lifetime.

Every space on your website becomes revenue potential and you can sell those spaces as part of the ways to make the most out of your website.

If you’re just starting up your own website, your traffic will still be at zero, but the same would be the traffic status of those websites that are generating millions of traffic hits daily today when they first started out online.

So, if you want to step up with yours like those websites, start building it now, making sure that you do one thing or the other on that website every day.

  1. Publish for Google Adsense

Another way to make money online in Nigeria in 2018 is to become an Adsense publisher. Google has a revenue sharing program for the website owners who have some decent organic traffic on their sites and this is known as “Google Adsense”.

To really earn much from this revenue sharing program, your site must be generating tons of traffic hits daily and you must continue publishing high-quality, engaging, and informative articles all the time.

By the time you will have been doing this consistently for a period of 5-6 months, your blog will start generating you hundreds of dollars monthly.

Once you will have published up to 10-14 quality and engaging articles on your blog, you may apply for Google Adsense. If you’re operating a WordPress website, your Google Adsense account approval is guaranteed once and you’ll continue to have a long-term partnership with Google earning consistent revenue from every valid click on the Ads displayed on your site.

There were times in the past when I couldn’t figure out the way to building an online presence. I searched over and over again for the easiest and fastest ways to get Google Adsense approval but all efforts proved abortive.

A few years later, I came across an online business community where I received a full-time online entrepreneurial training on online marketing, building a website, and becoming a successful internet entrepreneur.

After publishing the first 12 articles on my WordPress website, I submitted an application for Google Adsense and got approved two days later.

While some people make thousands of dollars monthly from Google Adsense, you too can make the same provided you can give it what it requires.

To some people out there, affiliate marketing is the best way to make money online, whereas, to others, Google Adsense is their own major source of online revenue.

  1. Organize Training Sessions on Your Blog

Do you already have a personal blog in any niche? Then, I’m pleased to congratulate you that you have what it takes to become financially free online and you’ll surely actualize your dreams soonest so far you’re ready to work the techniques with the right energy.

Some newbie bloggers wait till their blogs start generating tons of traffic before they can add coaching sessions to blogging, whereas, it shouldn’t be taken that way at all. Anyone, anywhere, so far you the understanding is still perfect, can be a coach online teaching others from what has been learnt so far.

Organizing training/coaching sessions on your personal blog makes you look more professional in the sights of your audience and this will make you look like a pro blogger.

Even if you’re still a veteran struggling blogger, you can start organizing training sessions on your blog right away and you’ll make a lot of money from that alone.

You have tools such as

SimplyBook –

PayHip –

Stripe –

Calendly –

Aside from the tools stated above, you can also leverage Canva ( to design your site logo. Building a brand will ensure higher patronage.

In addition to leveraging those tools, you’ll need some WordPress themes or apps that will let you have a high conversion rate. The best two themes/apps that work for this are:

Thrive theme –

LeadPages –

  1.  Forum Posting Jobs

This is one of the best ways to make money online as it lets you earn some extra income doing what you love doing at the comfort of your home.

You have the best forum posting platforms at your own disposal such as, whereby you earn money daily posting new threads, replies, and blog comments. The only mode of payment is PayPal and you can withdraw whenever you’ve made up to $5.

On, you can earn up to $0.05 per post and there is no extent to how much you can make per day, though you’re required to submit 10 sample posts before acceptance.

On, you can earn as much as $0.15 per post and can create as many posts as possible each day, though you’ll need to submit 7 trial posts first before you can be accepted as a writer. Once your application is approved, you’ll start earning immediately.

From experience, the forum posting job has usually been a job that many Nigerians do love to engage in, but I’ve always noticed that most Nigerians don’t still make the most out of this one too, meaning that a lot of Nigerians don’t really have the understanding of how internet marketing works or simply what it takes to build up an online empire.

The forum posting platforms are launched specifically for the purpose of creating freelance job opportunities and also to help the blog and forum owners skyrocket their blogs and forums to the first page in Google.

As a matter of fact, blog owners who just want to use the platform to get lots of comments, threads and replies to their own blogs, are not usually required to submit any trial posts at all but only the earners who are the writers.

Like on,, and on, once the writers are approved to start writing, they subscribe to all of the available forums and blogs on the list and begin to earn some decent income daily as they post threads, replies, and blog comments.

  1.   E-commerce Business: Create an Online Store

If you’re planning to open an eCommerce store, this is another online entrepreneurial job you can be doing online in Nigeria.

Through an eCommerce store, you have privileges to sell personal stuff online without going about the streets looking for potential customers. You have a lot of free eCommerce plugins to install on your WordPress site at your own disposal.

Your online store represents your personal web identity or shop whereby people will be patronizing you buying all sorts of stuff online.

  1. Launch Online Video Channels

If you’re passionate about creating video channels, below are tools that can help you actualize your dreams online:

  1. Launch a Job Search Website

In as much as we have thousands of jobless university graduates in Nigeria and this number keeps increasing daily, operating a job search website will really guarantee a steady flow of income in a lifetime. The internet is large enough to accommodate any business and more than 20 million Nigerians search the web daily looking for one thing or the other.

Aside from launching a job search blog on your own website, we have a number of recruiting platforms in Nigeria that are generating thousands daily recruiting as well as connecting directly to job owners and recruiters in Nigeria. Typical examples of such platforms in Nigeria are:

These platforms make thousands monthly from creating banner advertisement spaces, Google Adsense, and many more.

A job search website really sells in Nigerian as thousands of Nigerian graduates still remain jobless searching for jobs online. Such graduates make use of these websites to search for the latest job updates.

To successfully launch a job search website in Nigeria, you will just need to install and activate a job plug-in or theme right on your personal WordPress website.

You can find wordpress these to launch a job portal at

  1. Launch a Social Media

A social media platform is simply a network whereby people share their thoughts, ideas, strategies, and help others solve their problems.

Like Twitter, Instagram, Google+, Pinterest, LinkedIn, and Facebook, you can easily launch your own social media platform right on the web, recalling that traffic was zero on when it started out online and has grown from that zero to millions of hits monthly now. It’s nothing but a building work.

You can get there with time so far you have much passion in what you’re doing online. Passion is the most important thing when it comes to building an online business.

Just like forums, you can start somewhere gathering a social media network of real people and you won’t have to worry about creating a lot of content as you’ll have hundreds of members with time who will be keeping the media busy with their own content in form of questions, answers, replies, page posts, and comments.

  1. Launch a News Blog

News is one of the blog niches with the highest number of visitors/readers in Nigeria. From my personal research, over 64% of the internet users in Nigeria read news on blogs daily.

Thus, judging by the large number of news readers in Nigeria, you’re rest assured to get a lot of traffic hits daily on your news website.

News blogs in Nigeria earn revenue from the numerous sources such as sponsored content, Google Adsense, sponsored Ads, and many more.

If you are a Google Adsense publisher, you can be earning not less than $2000 a month if you know what you’re doing with a news blog.

Nigerians love reading news every day. In fact, some people buy data subscriptions daily in Nigeria because of news and the number of news blogs being launched on the web is increasing daily in Nigeria. It’s a blogging idea which a lot of Nigerian bloggers didn’t focus upon in the early times, but which almost everybody is clamoring for now.

If you’re interested in publishing news, why not create a news blog and watch your earnings grow in no time.

A top new blog Nigerians follow is

  1. Become a Freelance Writer

Because content is king and a lot of blog owners in Nigeria have come to realize that frequent publishing of high-quality, informative, and helpful blog will boost search engine rankings and drive lots of organic traffic, a lot of freelance writing jobs have been created.

If you’re so passionate about freelancing, you can earn as much as you want per day writing for blogs in Nigeria. It’s a great job opportunity for graduates and anyone who has passion for writing for blogs.

To get a freelance writing job in Nigeria, you may visit platforms like and you’ll start earning immediately. Some of these platforms pay per article and payment is disbursed every Friday to all writers.

Freelance writing is becoming more popular in Nigeria as website owners are seeing the need to publish quality and engaging content more frequently. As frequent publishing is all that is required to keep the Google spider coming to visit a site over and over again for indexing, a site gets ranked on time as the spider will eventually improve its ranking in search engines due to frequent publishing activities and lots of site and visitor engagement.

This has created job opportunities for the Nigerian youths, graduates, and others who have got great passion for writing to earn some extra income doing what they love doing at the comfort of their homes.

As most Nigerians wouldn’t be able to endure the long suffering and endurance it entails for building a virtual real estate, freelance writing has become the most interesting job for so many people as they start working almost instantly and receive payments bi-weekly, and monthly.

Aside from those writing platforms that try to pay per article, there are some other platforms that will only share their monthly revenue with you and this may not be as specific as it is for those who get paid per article. So, if you wish to write for such writing platforms, you may receive different payments on a monthly basis depending on how much revenue is being shared out among writers.

If you know how to make use of Google properly, use it to search for the freelance writing platforms in Nigeria and other “Write for us” blogs that pay writers to write articles on the different niches.

To make the most out of freelance writing in Nigeria, make sure you only write articles based on your passion. If the articles are based on your area of interest, you’ll be able to deliver your best to the platform for which you’re writing and it will be a cool job for you.

  1. Vlogging: Make Money Upload Videos on YouTube

YouTube is such a social channel whereby anyone can upload videos and monetize to earn some extra income online.

It’s known that YouTube is search engine optimized and you can be generating millions of traffic hits on all of your videos monthly.

One of the good ways to monetize your video channels on YouTube is via Google Adsense. When you create and upload a video on YouTube, you won’t be writing a long article at all, but only a few lines of texts relevant to the title of your video. Once you’ve done that, you’re good to go.

When it comes to uploading and publishing videos online, YouTube is still the most integrated platform as it is directly connected to and owned by Google. You won’t have to create a separate YouTube account, but will only need to log in to YouTube with your Google account details while you start accessing your YouTube account creating video channels.

  1. Start Domain and Website Flipping Business

This is the kind of business that allows anyone to buy domain names, develop them and resell to other people in Nigeria.

It’s a lucrative online entrepreneurial business that has a great earning potential and will make you a lot of money online once you can learn how to go about it properly.

While planning to start flipping websites to earn profits, there are certain things you need to learn about it first. A great place to get the full guide to domain and website flipping business is

What do you understand by the term “Website Flipping”?

Website flipping is the process of purchasing, developing and selling websites for higher profits. In Nigeria, investors have ventured into this business for some time as a lot of people naturally love buying what others have already improved or developed.

Most people wouldn’t want to start building a site from scratch because of the rigors they will not do but pass through initially but would prefer to buy websites already developed by other people so far they have their money to pay and the niche is their passion/interest.

Thus, website flipping is mainly in three stages:

  • Buying
  • Improvement/development; and
  • Selling

One thing you must bear in mind prior to selling websites is that you must sell exactly to the same platform where you bought it from so that the improved/developed website will be directly proportional to the supposed market value on that platform.

The benefits in website flipping include:

  • Possibility of earning substantial profits when you flip websites.
  • Small capital investment unlike other businesses that require higher capital investment but with lower income potentials than website flipping.

Types of Website Flipping

Below are the types of website:

  1. Starter’s flipping: This is the type of flipping that has to do with starting a website from scratch while it may take some time to build it up and sell later.
  2. Middle-term investment flipping: In this case, the selling may occur as soon as the website is bought and improved. It only takes some little more time to develop the website in order to sell at a higher profit in market.
  3.  Long-term investment flipping: This is the type of flipping in which an already improved website is being delayed for some time for further improvement which ensures that it produces a higher market value at the time of selling it.
  1. Launch an Information Blog in Nigeria

Do you know that millions of Nigerians search the web daily for informative content? If you are passionate about information marketing, you can start an information blog today and be on your way to financial freedom providing valuable information for those who need them through your blog.

Typical examples of information blogs include,, Lifehack, ProBlogger, CopyBlogger, and many more. If you check out those websites, you’ll find out that the articles there are highly-informative and they’ll serve as models for you to emulate while building an information blog of your own.

Because most people search seriously for information online, the traffic potential of any information blog is super promising when compared to other blog niches. This is part of what you’ll need to consider while setting up a blog.

  1. Launch a Real Estate Blog

For countries like Nigeria, the real estate property business has become one of the most lucrative businesses.

It doesn’t matter whether you studied Estate Management in a Nigerian University or not. The largest percentage of those who engage in this business in Nigeria didn’t read any course related to Estate Management in any institution in Nigeria and, yet, they are featuring well in the business.

To make the most out of the real estate property business, create a website and develop it to rank well in search engines. You’ll surely make money online getting involved in a real estate property business in Nigeria.

If you’re afraid of becoming a real estate blogger, then you will never launch such a blog in a lifetime and you may be missing out on the several earning opportunities that real estate bloggers get without knowing.

  1. Sell eBooks in Nigeria

Are you interested in self-publishing eBooks in Nigeria, but you’ve bothered so much about how you’re going to produce, right? Gone were the days when you would have to secure loan and credit facilities before you could publish a book.

All of your books can now be published with the click of a mouse simply by creating an Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP) account.

If you want your books published in digital and paper forms, the possibility has come now through the KDP platform. You’ll be given up to 70% royalty on each of your self-published eBooks while Amazon retains the rest.

In Nigeria, it’s really a great challenge for so many talented youths to produce out of what they have in the brains for the benefit of others due to the high cost of publishing a book.

Gone were the days when you would have to get worried on raising the funds that would be needed for publications. Now that Amazon has created the Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP) platform, it becomes an express way for such talented writers, who don’t have the financial capability to produce on their own, to be able to self-publish as many books as possible.

The publication cost will be deducted from the ongoing royalties and you won’t have to bother spending a dime on printing and publishing.

If you print paperbacks for your eBooks, you will have them available across the Amazon book stores in the US. When your book is sold, you’ll earn royalty and the true picture of the sales will be analyzed for you.

  1. Write Guest Posts for Bloggers in Nigeria

One of the ways through which many bloggers get content published frequently on their blogs is guest posting. When you see a blog with one of the main menus having the “Write for us” section, know that you can write guest posts for such a blog.

Not all these blogs pay guest posters to publish articles, but you can search for a number of blogs that pay writers almost immediately to submit guest posts.

Other bloggers who don’t pay you cash to writers for writing for them would give out other benefits such as:

  • Getting an opportunity to include a link to your blog within your blog posts.
  • Getting links back to your own blog which is good for getting a first-page ranking in search engines.
  • Getting lots of referral traffic through the comments you leave on other people’s blogs.
  • Building search engine popularity.
  • Building authority among other bloggers.
  • Creating strong bonds with other bloggers
  • Connecting to influencers in your niche.

Blog owners have now begun to accept guest posts on their websites and they pay guest posters based on agreed pay rates.

  1. Create a Comment Buying & Selling Platform

Generally, blogs need comments from real people to get a high page ranking in Google and other search engines.

Because building engagement has become one of the greatest ways to receive higher rankings in search engines these days, you’ll make a lot of money selling comments on your own site.

You need a lot of valuable and authentic comments on your blogs for the following reasons:

  • Relevant comments add values to your site in the sight of your audience and in search engines.
  • Comments provide helpful feedback to the content you’ve published on your site from.
  • The comments on your blog sometimes grow up and become more captivating than the content itself.
  • It leads to a viral spread of your articles on the web.
  • Attention-grabbing comments captivate the readers and make them contribute to the discussion.
  • Comments naturally magnetize more comments and, thus, help to build engagement with your readers.
  • Comments increase your site popularity both in the sight of your visitors and that of the major search engines such Google, Yahoo and Bing.

How do you start selling comments on your site?

You’ll be able to start selling comments on your own website by creating a platform through which writers get paid to post comments. It could be $0.04 per comment or more, but it’s sure that a lot of people out there are more interested in such jobs than blogging. Most Nigerians want quick earnings and so, this will be an opportunity for you to launch such a platform.

The reasons you must ask writers to submit a certain number of trial posts is to ensure that you have the right persons in charge. Once you’ve thoroughly assessed the writers and have got who to write for you, your business of selling comments can begin in earnest.

The job of the writers is in two parts namely:

  • Forum posting
  • Blog commenting

The assessed writers will be the ones to do the two jobs (Forum posting and blog commenting) for your comment buying and selling platform. So, while setting up a comment buying and selling platform, note the following:

  • Hire a group of assessors who will be assessing your writers.
  • Create a user-friendly and search engine optimized platform.
  • Approve writers’ applications based on thorough assessment.
  • Specify the minimum number of posts each writer can write per day.
  • State the pay rate per post.
  • State your mode of payment (Such as PayPal, Payoneer, Checks, Amazon gift cards, and many more).
  • Set all posts to pending automatically.
  • Approve or disapprove all posts submitted in less than 24 hours.
  • State the minimum threshold.
  • Make all payments available in writers’ accounts almost instantly.
  • Introduce a 20% lifetime commission referral program to boost the morale of writers.
  • Set automatic payments for all active referrals.
  • Be flexible.
  • Be persistent.
  • Be transparent.
  • Introduce a suitable credit system.
  • Introduce a good rating system to motivate writers towards building the platform.
  • Offer a good pay rate to writers

By implementing all of the stuff above, you will run a comment buying and selling platform successfully. Your platform will continue to boom for as long as websites exist and content will remain king.

To create a beautiful writing platform, emulate platforms like Postloop, PaidForumPosting, TheForumWheel, and others.

  1.  Launch a Bulk SMS Blog in Nigeria

Bulk SMS services are needed by organizations, schools, colleges, and institutions in Nigeria. So, this has become a lucrative business too in Nigeria.

To start this business, you’ll just need to sign up with a Bulk SMS service provider and you can get so many of them through a Google search.

Because of the high cost of sending a large number of SMS, a bulk SMS service becomes a lucrative business in Nigeria. For instance, schools usually make use of bulk SMS services to send notifications to all parents whenever they want to pass any information across to them.

Schools understand that some of the notification bills they print for children don’t get delivered to those parents in most cases. So, they’re left only with the option of sending bulk SMS which is more affordable and faster.

To start a bulk SMS business, go to and search for a comprehensive guide on how to start a bulk SMS business. You’ll get more than enough information.

  1.  Get Paid to Write Product Reviews

There are many website owners out there that are willing to pay you just for writing reviews on some of their products.

You can develop a blog purposely for doing this job. As time rolls by, companies will begin to contact you for product review writing contracts. You can earn thousands monthly from that alone.

For instance, you may begin writing reviews for Amazon products. And this can eventually turn out to be a breakthrough for your online business.

One of the ways to launch a product review writing service online is to create a menu for it on your website. So, when visitors visit your site, they click on it and read through to see how you’re offering such a service, terms of payment, and all of that. You can make a lot of money from this particular business too.

This is because companies request and pay for honest reviews on their products and improve more whenever negative reviews are posted about one product or the other.

As important as it is to them, they can pay up to $40 per review depending on the quality of the reviews submitted.

  1.  Sell Stock Photos on Your Website

This is equally a lucrative business in Nigeria as it is required to add lots of images to the content you publish on your blog.

Many platforms are giving out free stock photos, but for the fact that the free photos are repeatedly used on many other websites, a lot of bloggers have continued to buy unique photos for their content.

To start this business successfully in Nigeria, all you need to do is get a high pixel DSLR camera, buy a photography template, and be consistent in producing unique shots.

  1.  Create a Music Download Blog

This is a highly profitable business in Nigeria; yet, many people are not considering trying it out at all.

Presently, thousands of Nigerian songs are being downloaded daily and this has made the business a lucrative one for those who are currently doing it.

Many articles may not be required for your music download blog to rank well, but uploading a lot of music files. To start a music download blog, you’ll simply need to add a custom domain to your free blog, install and activate a music pro theme on your blog.

  1.  Make Money Installing a Donation Button on Your Blog

Although a lot of Nigerian bloggers do not like to install a donation button on their blogs, there are quite a number of people who still make some extra income receiving donations through their blogs.

If your blog is offering a lot of valuable information to the people, and you just wish to start receiving donations from your audience who might want to give at will, then it’s an additional source of revenue in Nigeria for you.

  1.  Make Money Selling Stuff on OLX Nigeria

This is a free classified Ads site whereby anyone can sell stuff such as gadgets, electronics, smart phones, refrigerator, cars, and many more.

You won’t have to incur any extra cost or expenses on advertisement or on looking for buyers around. Once you’ve posted an Ad, it goes live on OLX and anyone can call you to negotiate and buy those things you’ve listed for sale. A good strategy to sell fast is to make your sales negotiable.

On, you have the opportunity to sell any product or service whether new or used. You’ll be allowed to snap the items you want to sell usually up to 8 snapshots per Ads. If you’re only selling a service such as writing, tutoring, publications, and others, you’ll only need to upload an image explaining the service.

  1.  Graphic Design Business

You can start this lucrative business in Nigeria and make a lot of money providing graphic design services to companies, industries, organizations, and website owners in Nigeria.

It’s such a lucrative business which is highly demanding in Nigeria. If you’re talented in designs & graphics, this is an awesome opportunity for you to make money online in Nigeria.

Aside from selling graphic design services on marketplaces like Fiverr, SEOClerks, and others, you can create the service on your own personal website. The indication will be made through your site menus or sidebars for visitors to know what you have to offer.

  1.  Online Car Rental Business: Make Money Rent Your Cars Online

Do you have a number of cars packed in your compound fetching you nothing? I’ m pleased to inform you today that you can start generating some good income renting out those cars daily in Nigeria.

There are platforms like Uber whereby you can register your cars free for hire services and get a number of them right now by using the Google search.

  1.  Make Money Editing Videos in Nigeria

Do you know that you can start making money online editing videos? This is one of the most lucrative businesses which most Nigerians haven’t focused upon yet.

To ensure you’ll be delivering the best of video editing services to your clients, search for the best video editing software via Google. Then you’ll need a personal computer with internet facility to launch your video editing business.

Some of the online tools you can use to edit videos are:

  • OpenShot (
  • VideoPad (
  • Freemake Video Converter (
  • VSDC Free Video Editor (
  • iMovie (
  • Movie Maker (
  1.  Make Money Buying and Selling Electronic currencies In Nigeria

Buying and selling of electronic currencies are one of the most lucrative services in Nigeria. Nigerian exchangers make a lot of money doing this business as it’s difficult for most Nigerians to fund online accounts such as PayPal, Skrill, Payoneer, Bitcoin, and many more.

Most people who make PayPal money online have found it so challenging to sell their funds in exchange for the local currency.

Because of this, the business of exchanging electronic currency is waxing stronger in Nigeria.

If you’re willing to start this business in Nigeria, the first step you should take is registering it with the Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC).Once you’ve got your certificate of incorporation, you’re then free to start the business of buying and selling electronic currencies.

One vital thing you may do is find a particular currency that most exchangers don’t buy in Nigeria. Once you are known as the only person offering this service, you’ll be recognized more than others and make more money.

For instance, in Nigeria, a lot of people are facing problems with operating a US PayPal account and most exchangers (If not all) neither buy nor sell this particular currency due to the restrictions placed on some countries including Nigeria.

If you can try to figure the way out to operating a US PayPal account from anywhere in the world, this could mark the beginning of your journey to financial freedom.

  1.  Make Money Offering a Pay-for-me Service on Your Website

There are a lot of Nigerians who belong to one affiliate company or the other in Nigeria and who pay monthly subscriptions to their affiliate marketing communities via PayPal.

Some have been left with no option other than looking for such services. Since a lot of affiliate companies accept only PayPal, it has become a business opportunity for anyone to help a lot of people pay for subscriptions, order online via PayPal, and lots more.

In offering a pay-for-me service, you’ll have to make sure that you have a strong account for any particular currency on which you’re helping others pay online.

  1.  Make Money Shopping at Grocery Stores in Nigeria

This is the system of getting cash backs from groceries like Konga, Jumia, and others. You simply get a decent amount of money back into your PayPal account when you shop and order a product online.

  1. Make Money Referring People to Payoneer

As it’s really difficult to get paid by international companies in Nigeria, Payoneer has brought a way out of this problem by providing a US checking account and prepaid card for every user in all parts of the world.

It has a referral program through which you’ll earn a $25 commission when someone you refer to Payoneer has loaded or spent up to $100 on his card. This is an income opportunity for Nigerians too.

The only problem with promoting Payoneer is that it’s no longer accepted to verify a US PayPal account unlike before. Being a virtual bank account, it cannot be used for PayPal anymore as only real US bank accounts are now accepted to verify a US PayPal account. This instruction was given by the US government that banks should stop issuing virtual bank accounts.

While referring anyone to Payoneer, let it be known that there are still many other opportunities they can gain from using Payoneer such as getting paid by international companies, receiving royalties from Amazon for selling eBooks and many others.

  1. Make Money Offering Consultancy Services Online

Are you an expert in any field of knowledge and you’re considering to offer a consultancy service online in your expertise, right? Maybe you are such a professional estate manager who wishes to start organizing sensitization programs for a lot of people through an online medium, right?

That’s an additional income opportunity for you since a lot of people are willing to venture into the real estate property business in Nigeria.

  1.  Make Money Sharing Posts on Social Media

Because the use of social media requires consistency and persistence, it becomes a must for most organizations that use the giant social media like Facebook, Twitter, and others to pay others for liking comments, sharing posts, and replying to other people’s comments.

In Nigeria now, some companies have begun to create the jobs of sharing posts on social media and many more.

In order to be eligible for this online business opportunity, you must have an active social media account with many friends. This is because your fans will be expected to read these posts you’re sharing right on your timelines and may want to share the same posts with their own friends too. This is how the platforms make their own money. You’re helping them generate social media traffic and they are paying you in return. That is the analogy about getting paid to share posts on social media.

  1.  Make Money Downloading Apps on Your Smart Phone

Currently, there are mobile apps that are willing to pay you just for downloading other apps on your smart phone. If you want to start earning with your mobile phone now, search for the apps that pay for downloading other mobile apps on Google.

  1.  Make Money Promoting Web Hosting Companies in Nigeria

Promoting web hosting companies is another great way to make a lot of money online in Nigeria. This business sells profitably in Nigeria as there are a couple of web hosting companies that are offering cheap hosting services and are willing to pay users for referring others to buy their monthly and yearly hosting packages.

To get a list of these paying web hosting platforms, use the search engines and start making money online from the comfort of your home.

  1.  Make Money Promoting Grammarly

Grammarly is a platform that provides proofreading services for website owners, schools, students, and organizations.

Being the best platform providing such services, you’ll get a reasonable commission for promoting it. For every free signup, you’ll earn $0.20 while you can get up to 70% or more on each and every premium sale you make.

As Google keeps expanding with its search algorithms, it has now become difficult to rank in Google without minding typos and common grammatical errors in content.

As it is required, a perfect grammar checking tool like Grammarly is needed by every website owner to write the kind of content that ranks well in Google. Because Grammarly is now the best and most integrated grammar checking tool among its counterparts, anyone can make money promoting it.

What you’ll simply do is sign up an affiliate account and wait for approval. Once you’re approved, place the banner code on the sidebar of your website or any other suitable place where it will be seen quickly on visits.

  1.  Make Money Online in Nigeria Publishing on Bidvertiser

Bidvertiser is such an advertising platform like Google that shares revenue with its publishers. Bidvertiser shares a certain percentage of the advertisers’ spending on all the valid clicks recorded.

It works like Google Adsense and has been in operation for more than a decade now. You don’t go through a rigorous approval process unlike Google Adsense before you’ll start earning displaying Bidvertiser Ads on your blog.

To maximize revenue with Bidvertiser, publish content frequently and make sure you engage your audience from time to time to boost engagement and traffic.

  1.  Make Money Online Listening to Music

Are you interested in listening to music? Maybe you’ve only been doing this for so many years for fun, right? You can make money online listening to music even on your smart phone or laptop.

All you need to start earning this way is a personal computer, an internet connection, and platforms like, and others.

To make money listening to music, you’ll be required to listen from the beginning to the end, and once you’re done listening, you’ll then write a honest feedback on the music you’ve listened to which may not take you more than a few minutes.

  1.  Make Money Posting Honest Feedback on Websites

Specifically, you may not be able to get a good number of sites paying just for writing honest feedback on some of their blog posts.

Because the site feedback matters a lot to the site owners, it becomes a possibility for anyone who has built an online presence to receive a lot of site feedback requests from other blog owners.

  1. Make Money Online Promoting Amazon Products on Your Website

Aside from the fact that you earn 5%-10% commission selling Amazon products, when you refer someone to buy a particular product at Amazon stores, people usually buy many other products from the stores and you’ll have to receive commissions on all the additional products purchased within 24 hours.

The problem most Nigerians are facing with Amazon is on getting paid, whereas, Payoneer is now accepted to receive all Amazon commission payments.

  1.  Launch an Affiliate Program on Your Own Site

Do you have some products or services which you’ve programmed automatically as what you’ll be selling on your own site? You can install an affiliate plugin/tool on your site that will allow you to generate affiliate links for those who would love to promote these products and earn some commissions on sales.

The more the number of affiliates, the more your monthly sales and the more your earnings!

  1.  Start a Health-Related Blog and Sell Health Products

Do you know that health-related blogs are one of the most profitable and less-competitive blogs in Nigeria? With a health blog created and developed day after day, you can always add more health products and make more sales.

Health-related sites get ranked faster than most of the niches out there and can help you sell a lot of drugs online without looking for a sales representative at all.

Two very good health blog being managed by a Nigerian include and

  1.  Start an Entertainment Blog

If you’re currently planning to start a blog, never choose a highly-competitive niche first as this may get you totally down in the long run. Launching an entertainment blog is a good strategy to get your online business off the ground, though it’s important to create a blog based on passion/interest.

Entertainment is one of the most promising niches in Nigeria as most Nigerians always search online to find out about one celebrity or the other.

A good entertainment blog you can take after is, it is one of the unique blogs out there.

  1. Make Money Online Posting Ads in Nigeria

Are you aware that some local and international companies are hiring and paying Ads posters to post free classified and sponsored Ads for them? This is a very tiny online job opportunity, yet, it accumulates earnings for you in no time.

Though the pay rate may be low, in as much as it’s a convenient job for most Nigerians who don’t like referring others, Ad posting becomes one of the most lucrative businesses in this country.

  1.  Make Money Online Mining Crypto Currencies

If you wish to start earning digital currencies in Nigeria, you have all the tools and resources at your own disposal online to actualize this. Aside from the physical mining machines that people usually buy to mine digital coins in Nigeria, there are cheap online tools that help you generate Bitcoin, Litecoin, Dogecoin, Prime coin, TheBillionCoin, and many others.

Now digital currency is being viewed to soon become the sole currency that will be spent everywhere in the whole world. As the future is being visualized by Economists, a lot of people have invested so much into digital currencies in Nigeria and some have now started earning from their investment.

We hope the above guides on how to make money online in Nigeria has been of  help.

If you will like to receive more tutorials on making money online, don’t forget to Register here.

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