How To Increase Your New Blog Traffic Fast (2019 SEO Guide)

how to increase new blog traffic

Tips and Tricks to Shoot Your Blogging Business to the Sky

Pretty sure you’ve heard of the awesome lifestyle Blogging allows you to live. It affords you the leisure to go anywhere you want at any time. You’ve made lots of money so spending is no biggie during you’re vacations. You could even work in your jammies.

But before those blessings come, there some things you need to do. And you might be blogging now and you’ve been heading nowhere.

So here are 4 tips to step up your blogging game.

  1. Write Long Articles

There are a lot of bloggers who think they don’t need to write long and in-depth articles. The bloggers that just do a 400-word post and call it a day feeling on top of the world.

Sure you can do that, it’s easy and you’ll be done with 3 articles in a blink. But if you really are blogging for money and not a hobby, you should be ready to give it more than that. Why?

Well, because writing short length post won’t make you rank well in search engines. It lets the search engine robots think you’re not knowledgeable enough for this topic. So when someone searches “Best gardening tips”. That 2000-word post will be presented first, while your 400 sits in the dust.

Also, it doesn’t inspire confidence and your audience won’t see you as an expert in your niche. So be sure to make sure you’ve exhausted the topic before you drop the pen.

  1. Network With Bloggers In Your Niche

You’re not the super blogger who has an audience of millions and an email list of thousands. You’re barely reaching hundreds and you’re fighting really hard to gain followers.

But instead of sitting on the ground wondering why your life is so hard that you have a small audience. Why don’t you just reach out to the kings who have plenty?

You don’t have to go begging. You are way past that level. You just take the higher road and you write a superbly awesome post in their niche. Post so good, you don’t want to read because if you do, you’ll cry at its awesomeness. And you share it with them. If they like it they’ll share it with their people with  your link in the author bio. Just like that, you’ll have a nice boost in traffic.

  • Build Email List

Seriously if you’ve been viewing building your Email list a trivial thing, you need to get to work now!!. It’s one of the most important things you should start working on since day one.

You see those people signing up to your email list, those are the people that matter most. If you nurture them well, they’ll be filling your bank accounts.

And by nurture, I mean giving them value. Stuff them with valuable content and they’ll respect you. Which takes us to our next tip.

  • Free Giveaway To Your Blog Readers

You need to believe that not everything is sell, sell, sell. It’s true it’s good practice to promote the stuff you sell but at times you need to learn to say take.

People will trust you more if the stuff they pay for outside is given free by you. And it only gets better if what you’re giving away is value and not junk.

They’ll view you as the only one they can talk to when they have a problem in that niche.

  • Get Quality Backlinks To  Your Site On A Daily Basis.

If you want to stand out as a blogger, you must find a way to get quality backlinks to your site on a daily basis. The fastest way to do this the White Hat way is to contact bloggers in your niche who are accepting guest post and write a solid post for them. They will include your site link in the article.

We will discuss further on this step in another article.

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