How To Increase Blog Traffic Fast In 2019: Guide To Getting Visitors & Increasing Blog Readers

how to increase blog traffic fast


  We all know that the search query, “How to increase blog traffic“, is not new in the blogging world.

Many bloggers lack the proper knowledge of how to generate blog traffic and thus, the popularity of this query.

In this post, you’ll learn how to become a pro in the blog traffic generation world.

Without wasting much of your time…

How To Get Traffic To My Blog For Free

With over millions of active blogs running online today, competition is sure for bloggers.

While the possibility of the information you give in your post being somewhere else online is high, there are surely lots of ways to standout in the crowd.

Truly, paid search results can be rewarding, but trust me, the most worthwhile positions in search results are earned and not paid for.

In accordance with the statistics of The New Media Campaign (2018), “Organic Seo is about 5.66 times better than paid search ads”.

This shows us that while paid search ads are rewarding, earning the positions in the ranking  pays off far better.

Here are a few ways to get free traffic to your blog.

  1. Create Good Quality Content

This is indeed, the immortal recipe to getting visitors glued to your blog.

As far as blogging is concerned, a blogger must create top quality articles in order to attract potential readers.

A blogger with less knowledge in his/her niche would always end up producing less quality contents and thus, loose potential traffic.

As a blogger, you must possess in-depth knowledge of your niche, conduct proper researches, and cross-check articles well, before hitting the publish button.

Make sure your first few paragraphs are as captivating and as visual as possible. You can save the stories for later.

Statistics have it that 43% of blog visitors skim over blog posts.

Now, it is your creativity, and captivating strategies, that keep these kind of visitors in your  blog for long.

Remember, less quality contents lead to a high rate of visitors skimming over your blog posts and leaving your blog. Believe me, google ranks such kind of sites with high bounce rates poorly.

Hope you know what that means!!

 2.Promote Your Blog On Social Media

This is a good way to promote your blog.

Almost every company, brand, website and business now market on social media.

If you are not on that train, you can as well get on board.

It’ll help a lot, as 7 out of every 10 persons, possess a minimum of one social media account.

You could as well create a Facebook page for your blog, advertise your contents in it, and tell your friends both on Facebook and other platforms to help you out in the process.

This will generate good traffic to your blog.

  1. Guest Posting On Popular Blog In Your Niche

Go to big and successful blogs in your niche that accept guest posts, and submit original, high quality articles.

The major reason for the guest post is for backlinking.

Writing high quality guest posts on such blogs, exposes your expertise to a wider range of audience and thus, more link juice.

Now, with more visitors coming in to your blog from these sites, search engine crawlers see this as a ballot by these blogs/sites that your blog is valuable and thus, more ranking  for your blog.

  1. Ensure Blog Post Are SEO Friendly And Well Optimized

Humans and search engine crawlers are not the same. An appealing post might turn out to be a disaster to a search engine crawler.

Your post must contain strong and catchy titles (mostly short and simple), good meta descriptions and good keyword placements.

Always include related keywords that you think search engine users might search for when looking for such kind of information.

Include as much of these keywords as possible but don’t make it obvious, as it may tamper with the quality of your post.

  1. Reply Comments

A blogger who always reply comments, builds a cordial relationship with his/her audience.

By doing this, you gain a broad subscriber base, as the chances of loosing already gained audience is minimal.

This is an indication to your audience, that you are a serious blogger who will always be there for them.

While these are the evergreen steps to increasing your blog traffic, there are more ways.

Read on, for the treasures are yet to be unveiled.

 Now, with over 3 billion search queries hitting google daily, I am sure you wouldn’t want to miss out on getting the most traffic to your blog.

There are endless ways to generate even more traffic to your blog. 

How Do I Get More Blog Readers In 2019

You can always get more and even more readers to your blog.

Aside from the steps I gave earlier in this post, here are a few more, if you want even more readers on your blog.

  1. Make Sure You Blog Is Responsive

No one would want to spend their precious time in an unresponsive blog with poor and slow navigation.

Many visitors may not even get the chance to read even a line or two from you. Most websites/blogs get high bounce rates because of this.

More bounce rates lead to  lower ranking on search engines, and lower ranking means less traffic.

Fast sites are always favoured in search results.


Meta descriptions are the short summary texts you see on search results below the headings.

Most search engine users read these before clicking on results.

Remember, you have to make the most out of the huge volume of queries that hit google daily.

You must make your meta descriptions short, straight to the point, and it must persuade users to read more by clicking in.


Your posts must always be as neat and well organized as possible.

Remember to organize data and add bullets where necessary. Most blog visitors have preference for list based contents over the non-list based ones.


A picture, as it is said, is worth a thousand words.

Adding photos to your blog posts make them catchy, easier to understand, and lessens the chance of readers getting bored.

This is beneficial as it is well proven, that blog articles with images tend to get 94% more views.


Now, some bloggers do this and trust me, it pays off.

When a question is posted, and you have the answer to it in one of your blog posts, you can give your answer and add links to your blog where they can find more information.

This pays off really.

Note: Always check your traffic. You have to know your current traffic stats, so as to track your growth rate.

With all the aforementioned steps, you can see how search engines (especially, google), are important for blog traffic generation.

If your blog is not visible on google, then you are as well missing out on about 70% of your daily blog traffic.

As I said earlier in this post, over 3 billion queries hit google daily. That is about 40,000 queries per second. You can see how important google is to blogging.

Google is the ultimate tool for blog traffic generation.

How To Get Your Blog Noticed By Google


As a blogger, you always have to think from the search engine user perspective while writing and titling your posts.

“What would I hit on the search bar if I was looking for a similar content online?” These are the things to keep in mind while writing your posts.

How To Get Your Blog Noticed By Google

Conduct good keyword researches and find related terms people use on the topic you are writing about. Make sure you integrate these terms to your posts.


Believe it or not, google crawlers hate short posts. No matter how informative or keyword packed your post may be, it must be reasonably long enough to an extent.

Long posts with lots of information and in-depth explanations attract google crawlers.

The average first page result on google contains word counts of about 1,285-1,890.

This should let you in on what I am trying to say.


Make your titles short and straight to the point. Majority of the search queries that hit google today, falls inbetween 4-13 words, with the most from 4-6.

This tells you that short and straight to the point titles, attract more traffic.

how to Get Traffic To My Blog For Free


After writing a post on increasing blog traffic, you can say, “7 ways to increase blog traffic“, rather than, “7 cool steps to take so you can improve the traffic to your blog”.

The second title is better off, integrated in the post.

Before moving over to the next part of this article, “How to increase blog traffic on wordpress”, let me show you a secret; two short proven tricks to increase blog traffic at an extremely fast pace.


How To Increase Blog Traffic Fast

 You read it right. Fast!!!

Here are two tricks to generate blog traffic faster.

how to increase blog traffic 2019


Google gets about 100 billion searches in a month. Now, up to 70% of these searches come from mobile phones.

You should know what am talking about already.


Post new articles and update existing ones regularly. Even when you do not have a new article, consider doing some seo research so as to update already existing posts and make them even more seo-friendly.

Blogs that are updated regularly are reported to get way more rankings and views.

How To Increase Blog Traffic In WordPress

 For word press users, I recommend you download the “Yoast SEO” wordpress plugin.

This plugin helps in the search engine optimization of your posts. It asks you the search term you want your blog post to rank for, and shows you how to make it happen.

It is easy to use and super helpful.

How To Increase Blog Traffic In WordPress

Always remember to keep your site as simple, mobile friendly, and responsive as possible.

Other than these, make sure you carry out all the steps in this post.

In all, increasing blog traffic is actually the coolest skill any blogger can possess.

It gives you that overwhelming feeling of happiness, and surely pays off.

4 thoughts on “How To Increase Blog Traffic Fast In 2019: Guide To Getting Visitors & Increasing Blog Readers

    • The frequency of posting doesn’t really matter that much as long as you create power content. High quality content of over 5000 words.

        • It all depends on your keyword difficulty and the post length of your competitors in Google.
          Type your keyword in Google. See the post that shows up in the first 1 to 5 position. See the lenght of their content and write a better and longer article.
          Check your competitor backlink and build better quality backlink. You will out rank them.
          You needs tools like Semrush and Ahrefs to accomplish this. All the best

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