9 Ways To Increase Website Traffic In 24 Hours Without Spending Money

How To Increase Website Traffic Without Spending Money

9 Sure Fire Ways To Increase Website Traffic For Free In 24 Hours Without Spending Money

Is it true that you can increase website traffic without spending even a dime?

Well, the answer is “Yes”.

You can increase your website traffic without spending money.

After all, most users look out for organic results in search engines, rather than the paid ads.
With so many websites live today on the internet, some website owners get frightened, sought out for paid ads, and boost their posts here and there.

No matter the amount of websites running online, you can always get massive traffic to your website for free.
All you have to do is follow a set of tips, do the right things at the right time, and watch your traffic grow.

Whether you are a new website owner, a website owner with low traffic, or a website owner who just wants to improve on your web traffic, you will find useful tips in this article.

Read on for the golden tips on how to increase your website traffic without spending money.

  1. Write High Quality Contents

You can never talk about growing a website traffic without mentioning this.
This is the reason why you get visitors. They don’t just come to your site because the name sounds nice. They come for the contents you have to offer.
To attract visitors to your website, you must offer quality contents they’d love.

Captivating contents that will keep them glued to your site.
This surely brings them back and encourages them to share your contents with friends.
That is why it is said that  “Content is King”. It is the evergreen recipe to increasing your site traffic.
Always be sure that before you publish contents on your site, you properly edit them, make them error-free, and visually appealing.
Users love sites that appreciate visuality in their contents. This makes your website fun to be in.

  1. Use The Right Keyword

This is what helps your site to become visible on search engines.

Poor keyword placements in your site, can lead to poor traffic. This is so, because a lot of users on the search engines (especially google), would not find your site, when you do not use the proper keywords.

You have to do some keyword research. There are lots of free tools today that will help you out. Tools like the google keyword planner, answer the public, wordstream free keyword tool, and more can be used for this.
All these tools are free to use. You can get information on the keywords you search for. You will get to know how many people search for your keyword, get to see other sites that rank for it, and get a lot of related terms people hit on google while surfing for such contents online.

I recommend you use these tools so as to make the right keyword decisions, and rank higher on google.
With so many searches hitting google daily, using the right keyword will surely drive passive traffic to your site.

  1. Update Your Blog Frequently

This is also a good step to increasing the traffic to your site for free.

I don’t know if you don’t, but I check post dates before clicking, after hitting a query on google.
It is only natural that users would love to get latest contents or solutions.
After hitting a query on google. Users would always click on the most current results.
If I hit the query “how to increase site traffic for free” on google, it is natural that millions of search results will pop up.

Now, on the first page, you will see several results that are almost identical to my query.

If you check carefully, you will see that the most current articles always top the chart. This is so because more people click on them.

After searching for a query, it is natural, that the next thing I do is check the dates on the results.

You should know that if i see two posts, one written maybe in 2013 and the other in 2018,, I would always go for the later, as I would always have that feeling, that it contains more current information.

That is why it is important to update your contents. You don’t just create contents and forget about them, expecting them to bring in everlasting income to you, maybe because they are evergreen.

You have to update them in accordance with the trend, so as to continuously get the most from them.

You can always integrate new keywords to these posts, after doing some keyword research, so as to rank even better.

It is not every content that requires regular updates. It is your duty as a site owner to find out those that do, and update them always.

This surely helps in the increment of your site traffic.

  1. Social Media Marketing

As a site owner, one of the biggest tools you possess for traffic mining is “social media”.

With this tool, you can generate unlimited traffic to your website.

All it takes is to post your contents on platforms like Facebook, twitter and the rest.

People who love the contents would always share with their friends, and so on. The possibility of going viral has never been easier, since the advent of social media.

All it takes is for your content to be useful. When once it is useful, it can easily get viral on social media.

That is why as a site owner you need to have social media marketing skills.

You can download “Social Media Marketing” ebooks online. There are so many today.

Study them, and practice with your website. In no time, you’d start seeing positive results.
This is another way you can significantly increase the traffic to your website for free.

  1. Responsive Blog Design

  To get the more traffic to your website, you have to make sure your website is simple, responsive and easy to understand.

Users find simple websites with good graphics appealing. Do not place sophisticated navigations everywhere on your site and make it look like a “hard to operate” machinery.
Make your website simple and responsive. Trust me, this also affects search engine ranking. You must make sure your site is easy to navigate, and fast.
Users don’t have all the time in the world to wait for a very slow website.
You as well loose so many potential visitors, as they leave your site and tag it, “that slow site”, whenever they see it on search engine results.
To get users glued to your site, you must make sure your site is as fast and easy to navigate as possible, so they can get whatever they want, at the snap of a finger.

  1. Make Your Website Mobile Friendly

This is the mobile era. Smartphones are taking over.

As a website owner, you must move in accordance with the trend.

Nowadays, over 70% of internet users visit the internet through their smartphones.

That would be billions of users…

Now, to be on the right path, you have to make your site mobile friendly so smartphone users can access it without stress.

A website owner whose website is not well optimized to be mobile friendly, will miss out on upto 70% of the internet traffic.

That is bad!!
To prevent this from happening, all you have to do is optimize your website for mobile friendliness.

That doesn’t mean you should forsake the PC version. You have to make your site easily accessible on all platforms to get the most out of it.
Doing this will surely increase the traffic to your website, as all users both on PC & Mobile, would be comfortable on your site.

  1. Be Active On Popular Forums And QA Sites 

This is another good way to generate traffic to your website.

You can always advertise your contents on forums like nairaland, quora, and more.

Nairaland as you know, has a lot of potential traffic, and is one of the most visited sites in Nigeria.
You can get cool traffic to your blog by advertising your contents on platforms like these.

For forums like quora, you can answer questions related to your niche, and tell them about your website.
These forums get millions of views everyday and at such being an active member can increase your chances of increasing traffic to your website.

All you have to do is advertise, and look for opportunities to tell people about your website.

This surely works as long as you don’t spam the sites.

Ensure your answers and contribution  adds value.

  1. Free Giveaways

This is also a good way to get more traffic to your site for free.

You can write an ebook and place an offer that anyone who subscribes to your site will get it for free, and will continuously get more cool products from you.

Users love stuffs like these. It attracts them, especially when the products are useful. They will tell their friends about the bonuses available when they subscribe to your site, and you gain more traffic and subscribers.

This shows users that you are a serious website owner who has his/her visitors in mind.

You can try this out. Trust me, it works.

  1. Write Guest Posts For High DA, PR Authority Blogs

Writing guest posts on websites opens your style, and what you have to offer, to a whole new audience.

It is advisable that you write quality guest posts on sites that are more successful than yours. This gives way for content exposure.

guest post google search string

Your contents would reach a wider range of visitors and you will get backlinks, as those who love your style, would always love to hear more from you by visiting your site link.

This even increases your chances of ranking higher on the search engines.

So many websites owners gain more traffic from this. You can also try it out.

  1. Social Share Plugins

To increase traffic on your site, make sharing your contents very easy for visitors.

It is well known that most site visitors share useful information they come across online. To make sharing your contents easy, you have to add social media share buttons to your website.

This makes it easy for visitors to share your website or contents on social media.
Remember, useful contents can easily get viral on social media.

For your traffic to continuously climb up the scale, you have to track your site growth rate.
You have to know which method works for you so as to emphasize on them, while trying to improve on the others.

A problem known is a problem half solved. Always track your site growth rate by checking your stats.
This  helps you to know how your site is doing.
Remember to build a good subscriber list, and try out email marketing.
This also helps you increase your website traffic. If you do not know how to do email marketing, I advice you download ebooks online.

This will help you out.
You do not need cash to drive massive traffic to your site/blog. All you need is the right advice, and determination.

I hope you find success…

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