How To Find Keywords With High Search Volume & Low Competition Using Semrush

how to find keywords high search volumes

 How To Find Keywords With High Searches And Low Competition Using SEMRUSH & Other Keyword Research Tools

Finding keywords with high search volumes and low competition is a very rewarding task.

This helps you to rank easily on search engines, and increases the possibility of topping the search results page, as the competition is low.

To get these kind of keywords, you have to follow a set of steps, and use a set of tools.

  You have to first of all get the right keywords, check for their search volumes, and get their competition level.

   Don’t worry, it’s easy.

 How To Get Base Keywords To Start With

Here are ways you can get good keywords.


  You see this tool in action everyday you use google.

This is the tool that automatically suggests search terms for you.

Now, when you start typing a query in the google search bar, you see loads of predictions beneath the search bar.

These are brought to you by the google auto complete tool.

This tool doesn’t just make random predictions, but put in keywords searchers enter on google. These are mostly keywords that are in demand.

This is a good way you can get keywords to work on.

google auto complete tool

You can always use this tool to know what people search for.

Cool discovery, right?

 When you go beneath the search results in a google search result page, you will see an area where it is mostly written “Related Items”.

This can also be used to get good keywords people search for.

This area shows you other terms people use, while searching for similar information online.

With these two ways, you can get loads of useful keywords right on the google search page.


   This is another good way to get good keywords to work on.

  It is absolutely free.

  All you have to do is visit, insert a simple term or keyword, and choose which country you want to target.

  After doing this, the keyword generator will show you keywords people search for on google according to the term that you inserted.

  From this tool, you can take your keywords for more research.

  Aside from these tools, you can also use the word stream keyword generator tool, or the uber suggest. These are tools that work just like the

  All you have to do is insert a term or keyword, and these tools will show you keywords people search for in accordance with your inserted term or keyword.

  Now after getting good keywords from these tools, the next thing is finding their search volumes and their competition levels (difficulty).

  Now that we have our keywords, it is time to get their search volumes.

How To Get Keywords With High Search Volumes

  Now after getting good base keywords, it is time to know how many times users hit them on google in a month.

  Here are ways you can get the search volume of keywords.


  The serp keyword tool is a good tool that lets you know how many times a particular keyword is searched in a month, and also shows you other good related keywords.

  This tool gives you accurate and most current details on the search volume of keywords, shows you their cpc rates, and their value.

  With this tool, you can get the search volume of any keyword.

  All you need to do is insert the keyword into this tool.


  Yeah! Semrush.

  I know this is a paid tool but, we will not be using a paid feature here.

  We will use a free version, limited to only three keywords per day.

  That is, three entries.

  Now, to find the search volume of a keyword for free with the Semrush tool, all you have to do is visit the semrush website;, put your keyword in the box, and click on “Start Now”.

When you click the “Start Now” button, Semrush will show you the search volume of the keyword. If your keyword has no search volume, It will either show “No search volume”, or it will show you related keyword suggestions.

This is a very good way to get accurate keyword search volumes. But you are limited to only three searches a day.

how to use semrush find keywords high searches

Even if you repeat the same search thrice, you’d have to wait for another day to use this tool again. It is limited to 3 entries a day.

You can try this out. It is a very good way to get the search volume of keywords.


  The wordstream tool is a good tool to make keyword research, and get their search volumes.

  All you need to do is insert your keywords and let this tool show you how it works.

  Each keyword you search for will possess the cpc rates, ads value, search volume and more.

  This tool is fully supported by google and at such, delivers accurate information when it comes to a keyword search volume.

  I advice you try out this tool for accurate and current keyword search volume information.

  It is easy to use. You can also just enter a site URL and see the keyword data for that site.

  This tool helps you to even make country specific searches, so as to maximize the accuracy of the metrics (cpc rates, e.t.c).

  They even show you what we call, “The Opportunity Score”. This shows you the keywords that give the most impressive opportunities.

  You can use this tool conveniently, for getting your keyword search volumes.

  We have talked about getting good keywords and knowing their search volumes.

  Now, we have to talk about knowing if these good keywords with good search volumes are highly competitve or not.

  I believe to this point, that you know how to get good keywords, and find their search volumes.

  After getting good keywords, and making sure they have high search volumes, you will now learn how to find out their competition levels (difficulty), so as to enable you find keywords with low competition, and thus, fulfill the title of this article.

  To know if a keyword has a low competition, you must first of all find the competition level of that keyword.

  That is where you will find out if the keyword has a high competition level or a low one.

  To carry out this action, you will need some tools.

  Read further to see them.

How To Find Keyword Difficulty, Competition Level Using SEO Tools

  Finding the competition level of a keyword is different from finding the accurate competition level of a keyword.

If you know what I mean…

  Finding the accurate competition level of a keyword is a very useful practice for keyword research.

  The competition level of a keyword is one of the most important information to get while making research on a keyword.

  This shows you the chances that you have to rank for a particular keyword.

  Keywords with high competitions are mostly hard to rank for. These kind of keywords require much work, for you to rank for them. The possibility of ranking for such a keyword is extremely low.

  For keywords with low competition levels, reverse is the case.

  Ranking for a keyword like this is easy and profitable.

  You can get accurate keyword competition levels with the use of some superb tools.

  All it takes is understanding how to find it with these tools.


  Kwfinder is certainly one of the best tools you will find out there for getting accurate keyword competition level.

  This tool is a general keyword research tool and not just a keyword difficulty tool.

  The tool gives accurate information on the competition level of keywords.

It helps you find low competition keywords that are profitable.

All you need to do is insert your keyword in the search bar of the tool.

After doing this, you will land in a result page.

On this page, you just have to check the “Difficulty” column of the results to know their competition levels.

Results with difficulty highlighted in orange indicates a highly competitive keyword.

This is followed by yellow, which is competitive, but not as much as the “orange”.

We are looking for low competition so we will have to look for the results with difficulty highlighted in green.

These are keywords with low competition.

If your target keyword is highly competitive, here is how to get same keyword with low competition.

When you find out that your target keyword is very competitive, you just have to scroll down to see related keywords.

These mostly, have difficulties highlighted in green.

The related keywords often represent the same phrase in another way, but often goes with less competition.

This is a paid tool but you can make use of the free version, which is limited to 3 searches in every 24hours.

If you would like to fully use this tool (anytime, anywhere), then you can consider signing up for their basic plan which starts at $29 for a month.

They offer discount for annual deals.


While semrush is a paid tool, it offers some premium contents for free.

While there are limitations, you can still get what you want with it (keyword difficulty).

To use the semrush keyword difficulty tool, visit semrush official site,

When the site loads completely, input your competitor site or blog url in the search box and click on the “Start” button.

After loading, look for “keyword analytics” and tap it.

In here, you will find the keyword difficulty checker.

All you need to do from here is open this tool, and paste keywords you want to check, and you will see results on your keywords with their difficulties.

The difficulty is scaled on a percentage measurement.

semrush find each keywords

You can also sort the keyword by setting a filter.

Any keyword between 1 to 55% is ok.

I usually set the filter to less than 56%.

semrush to find easy keywords to rank for

semrush tutorial 2019

I advice you to use keywords with difficulty of between up till 55%.

If you want to be very specific, you can set it between 45 to 55%.

You can sort the search by keyword difficulty and choose the above range.

You can rank easily for these kind of keywords, and those lower.

This is the  best way  to find good keywords with low competition.

Remember, you are using a free version of a paid tool so, you are limited to a certain number of searches, and usage.

Finding a good keyword with low competition and high search volume is easy.

All it takes is using the right tools, and I trust you can do it now…

I want you to keep in mind that a Pro version of SEM Rush is highly recommended at this stage.

You can use it to do a whole lots of things not covered in this report.

Have you tried semrush or any other tools mentioned in this article before? If yes let me have your comment.

You can also use the comment section for general question.

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