How To Disable Gutenberg Editor On WordPress 5 And Restore Classic Editor (2019 Guide)

how to disable gutenberg on wordpress

How To Disable Gutenberg Editor On WordPress 5 And Restore Classic Editor (2019 Guide)

In this straightforward guide, I will be showing you the exact step I took to disable Gutenberg Editor on WordPress 5.0.

You will get the exact shortcut I used to kick out the annoying and time wasting Gutenberg Editor that came packaged with the newest version of WordPress.

What Is Gutenberg Editor

It is the new editor that came packaged with WordPress 5.0. Most bloggers hate this new editor because it is based on blocks which is time wasting.

Here is how the interface look.

how to disable Gutenberg editor

How To Disable Gutenberg Editor On WordPress

Without wasting much of your time, here is the quick step I took to switch back to the old Classic Editor.

  1. Go To your plugin page

If you don’t know how to navigate to your plugin page, see the illustrative image below.

how to add new wordpress plugin wp 5

2. Installing/ Restoring Classic WordPress Editor

Search For Classic  Editor WordPress Plugin 

See the image below for the plug created by WordPress Contributors

download classic editor wordpress plugin

Install and activate it.

In certain cases, you may need to download a plugin called Disable Gutenberg.

See the screenshot below

disable gutenberg on wordpress

After activating the above two plugins, your old Classic Editor should return back to place.

I hope this short article has been of help.

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