How To Find The Best Easy To Rank Keywords For Niches Sites

how to find easy to rank keywords niche site

Easy to rank keywords for niche sites are keywords with less difficulty that are targeted for a particular niche.

These kind of keywords help you rank high in the search engines and attract several benefits.

In this article, we will talk about how to find these easy to rank keywords for niche sites.

The best way to look for such a keyword is through proper keyword research.

how to find easy rank keywords 2019

There are tools you can use for keyword research (Both Free and Paid) but we will talk about some of these tools later in this article.

To start the journey to finding the best easy to rank keywords for niche sites, you have to;

  1. How To Find Seed keywords

What is a seed keyword?

A seed keyword is a base term or idea from which other keywords or keyword phrases are formed.

It is like a grassroots term and a base for several topics in a niche.

How do you find them?

Finding a seed keyword is easy.

You either make suggestions of seed keywords yourself, or find tools that can help you out.

These are the two major ways to look for seed keywords.

  • Suggestions:

This involves thinking of seed keywords or terms all by yourself and without the help of any tool.

seed keywords research tools

While this method is acceptable, it is not advisable as they give results that are based on pure guess work, and takes longer time.

  • Mind map Tools:

Never heard of them? Then let me tell you what they are.

finding seed keywords

What are mind maps?

Mind maps are visual diagrams always with a concentrated idea frequently placed in the centre with connected ideas organized all around the concentred idea in connecting lines.

It is an imagistic presentation of words or ideas closely connected to each other.

Mind map tools are very good for finding keywords for niches.

If you run a blog on “android” niche, you can create a mind map on the term “android”.

When you do this, you get several ideas and words closely connected to your term “android”.

You get words and ideas from sub categories in “android”, and several other highly related ideas to use as seed keywords.

You can select keywords from connected ideas/words, and get seed keywords in your niche.

With mind maps, you get to see a whole lot of untapped areas in your niche.

To generate these mind maps being talked about, you need mind map tools.

Here are some of them.

  • Simple Mind (Android, Apple, and Windows Users):

This is a very good app for mind mapping. It is available for both android,ios, windows, and mac users.

This tool helps you to create fresh ideas and terms that are closely connected to your centralized term or topic.

It is very simple to use.

You just have to create topics and generate mind maps for them.

One thing I like about this tool, is that you do not need to signup to make use of it.

Just install the app and start creating mind maps on any topic you want.

It’s as easy as that.

This tools virtually does all the brainstorming for you.

  • Freemind (Cross-Platform):

This is another good mind map tool. It is open source.

It is a good mind map software for brainstorming and creating mind maps around centralized ideas.

This tool can do a whole lot more than just mind mapping.

I advice you check it out.

Maps can be exported in several formats using this tool.

It is packed with numerous features and would be the best pick for those who have preference for functionality over graphics.

It works on almost any system.

To use this tool, you need to have “JRE” (Java Runtime Environment) installed in your system, as this tool is written in Java.

  • us (Web based):

This is a superb web based mind map tool.

With this tool, you can easily generate a mind map full of wonderful and new ideas, embed them to your blog, and do a whole lot more.

Mind maps from this tool are always colourful, visually appealing, and you can easily share them with friends.

This tool is easy to use and I advice you try it out.

You can also try out text2mindmap .

It is an amazing site to generate good mind maps for your keywords.

Generating mind maps with this tool is easy and you can do it on any device as it is web-based.

Aside from these tools, you can also check out

All the tools mentioned above and even lots more not mentioned, are very good for brainstorming and generating mind maps.

You can try them out.

After getting good seed keywords from these mind map tools, we move over to the next step.

  1. Make Keyword research with your seed keywords.

When you get good seed keywords, you have to make proper keyword research on them.

You have to find easy to rank keyword phrases for these seed keywords.

Generating phrases with your seed keyword is simple.

You can can do it by;

  • Using Google Autocomplete tool.

When you search for something online on google, you usually get auto predictions while typing on the search bar.

This is done by the autocomplete tool.

Open google and insert your seed keyword in the search bar, and you will get several phrases people search for, that are connected to your seed keyword.

All you ought to do is copy them and save them in a document file in your pc or any other device you use.

This is a good way to get useful keyword phrases with your seed keywords.

  • Google Keyword Planner:

Still on google, this is another good tool to generate thousands of keyword phrases with your seed keywords.

To use this tool, you must possess an adword account.

You can create one for free if you do not have it already.

When you log in to the google keyword planner dashboard with your adword account, you are set for keyword research.

All you need to do is locate the page for keyword research and look for “Find New Keywords”.

In there, you can insert your seed keyword and tap on the search button to get hundreds of keyword phrases directed to your seed keyword.

You can even see their search volumes, cpc rates and more.

It is a very good tool I recommend for the generation of good keyword phrases with your seed keywords.

Watch the video below for instruction on using Google Keyword Planner


This is another great tool for generating keyword phrases.

It is very simple to use.

When once you visit the site ““, you will see a search bar.

Just insert your seed keyword and filter your search with the options available.

This will generate keyword phrases for you.

It works with all the major search engines and at such, gives accurate keyword phrases according to what people search for.

With this tool, you can generate above 750 long-tail keyword ideas for your seed keywords and it is completely free.

  • Ubersuggest:

This is another good tool that helps you to generate keyword phrases by inserting your seed keyword or term in the search bar.

With this tool, you can generate keyword phrases without restrictions.

It is absolutely free so you have complete access to everything, every time.

There are other tools that can be used for this but the ones mentioned above can pretty much get the job done.

After getting all these keywords and keyword phrases, the next thing is to check if they are actually worth it (i.e, easy to rank).

To do this, we move over to the next step.

  1. Analyze the difficulty of the keywords.

This is what completes your search for easy to rank keywords in your niche.

You need keyword tools for this. Today, there are numerous keyword tools that can be used for checking keyword difficulty.

Here are two of these keyword tools.

  • Semrush:

This is a paid tool but “hallelujah”, they have a free version that can get the job done.

To get keyword difficulty for free on semrush, you have to visit, and put the url of your blog/site, or any other blog/site in your niche, and hit the start button.

When this loads up, you have to locate the “Keyword Analytics”.

While in the keyword analytics, look for the keyword difficulty checker.

This tool will help you to get the difficulty of keywords.

Just insert the keywords you want to check, and you will get results almost immediately.

For me, keywords with 50% difficulty and below should be easy to rank for.

You can try this tool, or check out the next.

  • MOZ Keyword Research tool

The moz tool is a very good tool for getting the difficulty of keywords.

It is also a paid tool but you will get a 30-day trial after which you will have to pay.

Payments start from $20 a month.

When you hit a keyword in this tool, it gives you both their search volumes, cpc rates, related terms and even shows you their difficulty levels.

This tool is easy to use and I recommend it to anyone looking for good and always accurate information on keyword difficulty.

All you need to do from here is look for the results with less difficulty because they are easier to rank for.

There are more tools for this but the tools  already mentioned above should be okay.

If you properly carryout the information in this article, you will have with you, lots of easy to rank keywords for your niche site.

I know you’d make proper use of them.

Personal Recommendation For Finding Easy To Rank Keywords

To Find Easy To Rank For Keyword in your niche, you need a great tool like

Sign up for the 30 days free trial and use the tool absolutely free for 30 days.

Put in your competitors url in the domain dashboard and search.

Sort by organic keyword and add filter.

Mainly what you need to set in the filter is any keyword difficulty from 0 to 55%. Anything at this state is fairly easy to rank for.

Here is a very good video on using SEMRUSH.

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