Christian SEO Blogger Adding Humor To The Serious World Of Search Engine Optimization

christian seo blogger

Christian SEO Blogger Who Adds Humor To The Serious World Of Search Engine Optimization

Yello friends… How are you.

Since this blog is meant for Search Engine gurus and newbies, it is time we address this topic once and for all.

Do you know the world of SEO is damn too serious, everybody wake up daily looking for ways to rank their blog and outrank others.

Some even go as far as use blackhat approach to mess up their competitors… That is totally selfish and uncalled for.

Friends, daily backlinking approach is good but we have to start taking life easy and sometime unwind to make life a lot easier.

So if you are a SEO blogger reading this post, please stop now, take a deep breath and pray to God for guidance.

seo blogger with humor

Please don’t take God away from Blogging friends.

An idea from God is enough to make you rank number in Google.

One idea from great Jehovah is enough to make you outrank the biggest SEO blog in the world, just don’t take life too serious.

I will be sharing great ideas with you on this blog so don’t think it is all about chilling.

So follow me along for easy ways to rank your websites.

If you can get it easy, why make it complicated…

Most SEO bloggers out there make things complicated for others all in the name of ranking their sites, it makes no sense.

So on this site, I will endeavour to table everything in plain terms, i really don’t care about getting first page ranking, all I care about is to pass the information to you.

For SEO hustlers like Brian Dean and Neil Patel trying to rank in Google with 10,000 blog posts, I wish them luck but am not going to be doing that steps.

I don’t care what others think, I have practically ranked websites with simple and less complicated blog posts.

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Some things I discovered in my over 12  years of blogging and SEOing, many have not discovered it, that is why I created to teach you just that.

I didn’t call myself a professor for anything it, I have mastered this Niche and I know what am talking about.

I’m not Brian Dean or Neil Patel who make things unnecessarily hard for bloggers.

Newbies are easily overwhelmed by their stuffy approach to SEO. It makes no sense whatsoever.

Don’t get me wrong, these people are good but they can make life a lot easier by stop stuffing up their pages with too many information.

That approach is a bit aggressive and selfish trust me friends, they are confusing so many beginner SEO bloggers.

So without wasting time, the purpose of this blog post is to announce to the SEO world that we can do things a bit easier with less complication.

Happy blogging.

God bless you all.

Stay strong, stay positive and have faith.


I love you all.

Hey @ Brian Dean and Neil Patel, don’t take my post too personal but I have to say my mind.

You can make life a lot easier by disseminating information in a more simpler way.

Your posts are damn too crowded. You are confusing all of us.

On a lighter note,  I gave you free backlinks.. Give me kudos… I’m waiting for my awards… LOL.

Can I ever get serious??? probably not… I love to kid that is why my fans love me.

Keep up the love friends, in no time, we will all achieve our dreams.

The future is bright with God on our side.

Hey guys… Did you remember to do your morning devotion today???.

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