Best Free And Paid SEO Keyword Research Tools In 2019

best free paid keyword research tools 2019


  If you want your blog/website to rank better on google, then you must always have “keyword research”, in mind.

  Keyword research helps you to find trending words and phrases that people hit on google. It helps you find keywords that are in high demand, and related terms people hit on the search bar.

  This practice is very essential for website owners and bloggers alike. It is a critical step towards ranking higher on google.

  If you have been wondering “How to do keyword research”, then wonder no more, for I will be giving you a whole lot of tools (both free & paid) for keyword research. 

Best Free Keyword Research Tools

  Below is a compilation of some of the best free seo tools while the paid tools offer more features, the free tools also help out basically. 

  1. Google Keyword Planner

  This free keyword research tool is certainly among the most familiar and widely accepted free keyword research tool.

  To use this tool, you must possess an Adword account.

google keyword planner

  It is free to create.

  After successfully creating it, all you have to do is sign in.

  When signed in, locate the icon with a little white trench, and click on it.

  In this page you will find the keyword planner. After clicking on it, you will find two tools there (“Find New Keywords” and “Get Metrics and Forcasts for your keywords”).

  As their names imply, to find new keywords, you go to the former, to get forcasts on your keywords, you go for the later.

  When you search for keywords related to your article or products/services, it brings the most useful keywords that can be added to your plan.

  This tool lets you see how often certain keywords are searched, and also shows you how their search volumes move with time.

  This is a very helpful tool for keyword research.

  And it’s absolutely free! 

  1. Wordstream Free Keyword Tool

  This is another feature-packed, yet free keyword research tool.

It is supported by google, and uses the most current google data so, it provides accurate ideas.

  One thing I love about this tools is that you can either put in a keyword, or website url (URL OF YOUR BLOG OR WEBSITE), and it will automatically generate thousands of useful keyword phrases targeted towards your industry and country.

  With this tool, you can also check competition of keywords, and estimated CPC to help you make the right decisions.

  This tool is packed with lots of keyword research goodies, and is very easy to use.

  You can get more started by visiting 

  1. Soovle

  This is also a worthy, free keyword research tool.

  It helps you to significantly find a good track for your keyword research.

  This tools works with all the major search engines and not just google.

  Once you hit a keyword in the Soolve search bar, it generates thousands of keyword suggestions, related keywords, and more.

  This tool is very helpful for keyword research, and is very easy to use.

  I advice you download the soolve free volume & CPC competition data chrome or firefox addon from here; https//

  With the chrome or Firefox addon, you can see the search volume, and CPC of a keyword once you type it on the Soolve search bar.

  All the suggestions, and thousands of related searches will possess their search volumes and cpc rates with the help of this addon.

  You can even make country specific researches.

  This is also a helpful free tool in keyword research.Visit for more

  1. KW Finder:

  This is a paid keyword research tool however, you can use the free version with just a few restrictions.

  This will give you keyword suggestions, and details about them.

  These details include the keyword competition, the volume of searchers, and more.

  This tool is packed with numerous features.

  You can get detailed information on keyword competitions like, backlinks, social media likes, domain strength and more, so as to enable you make the right decisions.

  Like I said before, it is a free version so there are restrictions. There is a limited amount of search you can make in a day with this version.

  To get the full version, you have to subscribe.

  Subscription starts at $29 for a month.

  These free seo keyword research tools above, should be able to satisfy all your keyword research needs.

If you want to dig in some more, you can check out honourable mentions like;

Best Paid Tools For Keyword Research And Their Reviews

Here are a few paid tools for keyword research.

These tools come with numerous features and are complete packages for keyword research.


Now, this is not just a regular keyword research tool. It is way more than that.

With this tool, you can get both short-tail, and long-tail keywords with deep and detailed traffic statistics, adsense, search engine reports, cpc, and many other tools that can help you beat your competitors in the keyword placement game.

how to use semrush 2019

One thing I love about the tool is that they offer a 14 days trial.

You can explore and see the package of features for a whole two weeks, before you’l have to pay for the tool.

They have monthly plans and annual plans. They also have categories like; Pro, Guru, and Business.

The monthly fees are as follows;

  • For Pro users, subscription is $99.95
  • For Guru users, subscription is $199.95
  • For Business users, subscription is $399.95

The annual fees are as follows;

  • For Pro users, subscription is $999.40
  • For Guru users, subscription is $1999.40
  • For Business users, subscription is $3999.40

They all have over 30 very advance tools to boost your ranking and marketing with huge positive results.

You can pick any plan that suits you.

  1. SPYFU:

This is more like an seo package. It offers  everything your site needs for search engine optimization and helps you defeat your competitors in the game.

This tool helps you find new ways to standout with properly detailed keyword researches.

It exposes you to the secrets of most successful competitors. Spyfu helps you track your keyword progress in the rankings, after your keyword research and placement.

You can get well filtered keyword ideas by cpc, amount of traffic, number of advertisers click through rates and a whole lot of others.      With this tool you gain access to endless possibilities in the SEO world.

  The Spyfu tool has three categories.

  • TEAM 


  • For “BASIC” users, monthly subscription costs $39, but costs only $33 for annual deals.
  • For “Proffessional” users, monthly subscription costs $39 for the first month, and $78 for all other months. Annual deal for this catefory is priced at $58 per month.
  • For the “Team” users, monthly subscriptions cost $299, while annual deals are priced at $199 per month.

You can choose from any of the plans and categories.

Aside from the amount of keywords that you can track, there are only little differences between these categories.

For annual deals, you can track unlimited keywords all through, in any category.

You can check them out by visiting the Spyfu official site.


  Longtail pro is another good keywords research tool that helps users drive in traffic from keywords.

  This tool is packed with several functionalities you should try out.

  You can conveniently find long tailed keywords with high cost per click rates, check keyword competitions, their rankings, and more with this tool.

  This is a highly profitable keyword research tool you can check out.

  This tool virtually shows you the chances you have on a given keyword, and gives you suitable alternatives with less competitions and good rankings.

  This tool is very useful for bloggers.

  You can try this tool out for free for a whole 7 days.

After the free trial, you’l have to pay a fee of $47/month.


This is yet another powerful seo keyword research tool.

Just like the other paid seo keyword research tools, this is packed with numerous features.

This tool is very simple to use. You just hit in a keyword, and this tool tells you the number of people that actually search for that term, shows you related terms, shows you the keyword difficulty, and the opportunity your site/blog has.

One thing I like about this tool is how simple it is to use.

You can see the top one thousand related searches, and all the metrics for them.

You can use the MOZ Pro tool for a whole 30 days free trial period.

The MOZ pro fees range from $20 to as high as $200 per month.

They also have annual plans with good discounts you can check out.

Aside from these paid keyword research tools listed above, you can still check out others like;

  • Advance Web Ranking: This is also a good feature packed keyword research tool. You activate it by paying a lifetime fee of either $99, or $399, depending on the version you want.
  • Raven tool research central: This is another good keyword research tool. Membership starts at $99, and it comes with a free trial for 30 days.

Aside from these, there are many more SEO tools.

This is why so many are confused and they always ask which is the best, so they don’t end up making choices that would not be suitable for them.

What Is The Best Tool To Do Keyword Research In 2019

With so many keyword research tools available today, it is indeed necessary to ask which is the best.

While it is clear that the paid seo tools are the best, we can hardly pick out one.

best keyword research tools for SEO

They all have their Pros & Cons, and they all suit different kind of users in different ways.

While semrush might be the best to Mr. A, MOZ keyword explorer tool might be the best for Mr. B, and so on.

I advice you carefully visit the sites of each of these tools, to know more about them, and make a decision on which is best for you.

How To Find A Competitor’s Organic Keywords

Surely, the internet is a crowded place. As a site/blog owner with so many competitors, you always want to know what your competitors are up to so you don’t get left behind.

Well, here are a few ways to not just find your competitor’s keywords, but spy on them…

To spy on your competitors and even find their keywords, some tools are needed.

Below are two good tools for this.


This is a very good tool to spy on your competitors. With this tool, you can track your competitors and conduct proper analysis based on their content.

  With this tool, you just have to enter the domain name of your competitor, and you can see their keywords, most shared content on social media, and more.

  You can even monitor your competitors by setting up domain alerts.

  This notifies you whenever your competitor publishes a new content.

  You can just hit a keyword in this tool, and it will show you all the major competitors.

  This is a very good tool to spy on competitors. 


The name says it all “keyword Spy”.

  This tool helps you to build a profitable keyword list with the use of your competitor’s keywords.

  With this tool, you discover competitors and their keywords. You can get complete access to detailed statistics, affiliates and ad copies of your competitors, and even their budgets.

  This tool can help you to access any information you need about competitors, and will help you discover new competitors.

  You can conduct searches pertaining your competitor’s organic results, paid results, and even affiliate keywords they use.

  Get your lifetime free trial account here;

   Aside from these two, you can also use tools like Semrush, and Spyfu to monitor your competitors.

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