Beginner Blogging Mistakes SEO Bloggers Make & How To Fix Them [Step By Step Guide]

beginner blogging mistakes

Blogging The Wrong Way: 4 Wrong Steps Amateurs Take To Blogging & How To Fix Them In 2019

Blogging is the creation of quality contents usually for a target audience, mostly for the purpose of educating them and making profit.

You’d agree with me, that the term “blogging” is no longer unfamiliar in this part of the world.

Today, there are so many successful and unsuccessful blogs, spread across the internet.

As the number of new bloggers climb up the scale, so do unsuccessful blogs.

This is mostly as a result of the wrong steps amateurs take to blogging.

So, Ever wondered why you always got caught-up on the wrong side of the “blogging train?”

Then read on brother/sister.

This article will talk about the simple mistakes amateur bloggers make, and how to stop them.

Without wasting much of your time, lets get down to business.

Common Mistakes Beginner Bloggers Make And How To Fix Them


  Now, most beginner bloggers possess this optical illusion, that blogging is a quick method to making money online. They create blogs on trending niches, where they mostly do not possess deep knowledge in.

This is where It goes wrong. A blogger must possess deep knowledge of his/her niche. Possessing little or no knowledge on your blog niche, often leads to the production of less quality content.

Blogging is an art, that generates income in a gradual process with time. Bloggers who centre their thoughts on generating quick money from their blogs, often end up freaked out after their first few months of blogging.

These kind of bloggers often have numerous blogs closed prematurely.


  • Blogging to success, is a very gradual process. Always create blogs on niches that you know very well.
  • It’s not always about the money. Think about growing your blog first.                   There is hope!
  • Most successful bloggers you see today, made not even a dime, in their first year of blogging.

This is surely not the best way to start off as a blogger.

While this method may seem easy and less stressful, it is very unsafe, especially for new bloggers. This will eventually make you less special, and your target audience will have no reason to visit your blog.

After all, they get same kind of posts on the bigger blogs and websites.

(The bigger blogs and websites you copy contents from).

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Trust me when I tell you, being original helps a lot. This will eventually bring you your own audience. That is, people who visit your blog because they love your style, and posts.


  • Originality is specialty. It is better to post two original articles in a week for a start, than post five or more copied articles in five days.
  • Be unique. Do not try to imitate the style of other bloggers or blogs. “Be yourself”.

Now this is a mistake bloggers make. What’s the point of blogging if it never gets to your target audience? It is as good as blogging for yourself.

While SEO helps a lot, there are other ways you can also maximize traffic in your blog.

With “social media”, promoting a blog has never been easier. You have Facebook, whats app, Instagram and all the rest. Tell your friends about your blog, persuade them to visit, and tell them to pass the message to their own friends. That’s how it starts.

With over a billion users, Facebook is currently the biggest social media platform and at such, “a powerful marketing tool”.

Create a Facebook business page for your blog.

I recommend, you boost posts about your blog (with links) in your page.

I would have loved to show you how, but, that would be a topic for another article entirely.

You can google it, “How to boost posts in my Facebook page“. With a budget of about #1,600-#2,000, you can get a post to about 450 – 2,500 well targeted audience.

This will be very helpful to your blog.


As a blogger, you have to build a cordial relationship between you and your audience.

Some bloggers go wrong here. All they do is post, post, and think of new post ideas. They hardly reply comments and questions from their visitors.

This is a very bad habit. This stops your blog from growing, as you lose already gained audience.

Posting of quality content is all but a part of posting. Replying comments, answering questions and being there for your audience completes it all.

While blogging, always remember to forget about the money, create original and quality contents, promote these contents, and always be there for your audience.

I recommend you download the SEO PDF guide on emarketing Institute ( It will show you a lot on SEO and how to apply it to your blog.

You can even take the free online exam after finishing the PDF guide. (There is a free certification for it).

Trust me, you’d be surprised at how fast your blog would grow if you do all these.

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