How To Become A Successful Blogger In Nigeria Africa And Make Money

how to become successful blogger nigeria make money


As you know, blogging is one of the most guaranteed ways to make money online today.

With a successful blog, you can make endless cash on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis.

Gone are the days when making money meant leaving home for work or some job.

Today, you can make money right from your home, and all you need is a pc or tablet, internet connection, and the required skills.


Creating a blog is one of the simplest things to do online, and all credit goes to the free blog service providers (Blogger, WordPress, tumblr, e.t.c).

Sounds cool right?

But hey!!

 Creating a successful blog is never an easy task.


Well, don’t be, as this article is up to the rescue.

Down this article, you will learn how to become a successful blogger right here in Nigeria.

In this era, over 30 million blogs are created each year.

Huge, right? Well, unfortunately, about 80-90% of these blogs close down same year they are created.

This is as a result of poor maintenance, and wrong mindset.

Everyone wants to create a blog, but it is not everyone that knows what blogging truly means.

Blogging is a business, and every business requires atleast a little sacrifice either in cash (investment), time, or any other form.

To become a successful blogger, you just have to read down this article, for the priceless information it contains.

To be the proud owner of a successful blog, you have to:


 Most people make the mistake of venturing into blogging without any form of plan.

Blogging is a business, and just like any other business, it requires a plan.

It is never advisable to venture into any business without properly analysing the business and creating a business plan.

You have to make plans for your blog, and set goals for yourself, so you can easily achieve what you want.

It is never okay to hop into the blogging world without any actual goal.

You must have a goal before starting a blog. It might be to teach people new things, make money, or gain popularity with your skills.

Now, this plan should also includes your budget.


You can’t start a blog and make money from it immediately.

During the early stages, you’d still have to spend some money on your blog maintainance, data subscriptions, and more.

Putting all these things down can help you to be a stable blogger right from the early stages.

Your plan and budget gives you a hint on what to expect as you start blogging, and it reduces the chances of getting caught up unprepared.

To be successful as a blogger, create a plan on your goals, budget and more.

This would help you to overcome certain problems beginners face in blogging.


 Well, every discussion about blogging should include this.

To become a successful blogger, you have to pick the right niche for your blog.

By picking the right niche, I do not mean selecting a trending or popular niche, but selecting a niche you are most comfortable with.


 Becoming a successful blogger is all about consistency.

To be consistent, you have to possess deep passion for  what you do.

You don’t just have to hop into the entertainment niche because Linda Ikeji became successful with it.

Get what I mean?

 The successful bloggers you see today, all have passion for their various niches.

To be a successful blogger, you have to choose a niche that is most comfortable with you, and not just a trending one.

A writer with passion is always different.

Creating a blog on niches that you are not good at is a bad idea, as you would easily run out of creative ideas.

To pick the right niche, all you have to do is discover what you are good at, and look for the blogging category it falls into.

This would enable you to unleash your true talent to the world, and you’d be greatly appreciated for it.

When you pick a niche, you can make further research to get the sub-niches of that niche.

While creating your blog on a general category like technology is not a bad idea, it takes more time to make such a blog successful.

Targeting a sub-niche (e.g Android) would be easier, as the competition would be slightly reduced, and you’d have better chances of becoming successful.

 Clear. Right?

 Always remember to do what you are comfortable with.


 As you know, blogging is writing.

The quality of your write-ups go a long way in determining if you’d be a successful blogger or not.

The essence of a blog is to provide good quality contents that readers can read and understand online.

Almost every reader skips poorly written and arranged articles.

To attract readers, you have to write excellent articles that can keep them glued all through.

It is never advisable to have preference for quantity over quality.

Make sure your articles are error free, and engaging.

Avoid publishing articles on your blog without properly proofreading them.

Writing top quality posts will attract users to your blog, and trust me when I tell you; you need this to become a successful blogger.


There is no two ways about this, to become a successful blogger, you have to learn to create quality backlinks to your site.

Bloggers who create backlinks the WHITE HAT WAY will enjoy good traffic from search engines. Will tell you more about this in another indepth article


 A crucial portion of becoming a successful blogger is to make your blog and posts seo-friendly.

Before writing an article, you have to make keyword research on the topic, so you can use the right arrangement, in accordance with what people really search for.

It is never advisable to do this with your imaginations.

You have to use seo tools for this.

There are both free and paid seo tools that you can use for keyword research.

You can use google keyword planner,, ubersuggest, and other free keyword research tools for this.

There are also some paid tools with some free features and free trials.

These are SEMrush, MOZ keyword tool, and Kwfinders.

These tools will help you to rank higher in search engines.

All that is required is little patience, and consistency, and in no time, you’d start seeing results.

Remember the connection; Search engine optimization will boost the rankings of your top quality articles, higher ranking would attract more traffic, and more traffic would easily make you a successful blogger.


 A necessary practice to becoming a successful blogger is building an email list.

What is an email list?

An email list is a list of the email addresses of all your subscribers.

The greatest mistake a blogger can make, is not having a valid email list.

The truth is, most of your blog visitors and subscribers may never find time to come back to your blog.

Now, as a blogger with an email list, you can always bring them back, as your subscribers will get notifications on latest contents from you.

Aside from this, you can also use your email list for email marketing and advertisements.

This keeps you in touch with those who love your work, and it allows you to show them your new blogs, websites, and online business.


Want to make money from your blog?

Then consider affiliate marketing.

It is one of the most profitable methods of generating cash from your blog.

All you have to do is register as an affiliate marketer, and promote a product in your niche.

You will be paid a certain commission for every completed sale you make.

You have to promote the right products (products closely related to your niche).

You can’t write an article in a tech blog and promote weight loss pills. This would never go successful.

To be successful, you have to promote products related to your niche.

There are numerous affiliate programs in Nigeria today.

They are;

  • Jumia Affilliate Program
  • Konga Affilliate Program
  • Kaymu Affilliate Program

And a few more. See the full list on Nigeria Info Guide Best Affiliate Programs To Join in Nigeria.


 As a blogger, you should be ready for social media marketing.

This is a good way to generate traffic to your blog, and this will in turn make you a successful blogger.

Create social media accounts for your blog, and post your blog contents on them, so that social media users who love them would share with friends.

It is never advisable for a blogger to neglect social media, as it is a platform with a giant share of the internet traffic.

A blogger that uses no form of  social media marketing would always find it harder to make his/her blog as successful as that of those who do social media marketing.

In the ranking of keywords, the search engine crawlers also access competing websites and blogs with their social media presence.

Social media is very important, if you want to become a successful blogger.


 Consistency is always the key. You have to adapt to a posting pattern.

You have to post regularly.

Although this will in no way affect your ranking, consistent posting will keep your visitors coming.

Also statistics have it, that blogs that are updated regularly, receive up to 90% more visitors than those that are not.

To get more traffic, you have to tell the search engines that you are ready for business.

Don’t get me wrong!!

 You do not need to send them an email telling them you are ready.

 All you have to do is post regularly.

This will increase the traffic to your blog, and traffic is the number one ingredient to making your blog a successful one.


 If you follow the advice in this article, you’d become a successful blogger in no time.

All you have to do is post quality articles in your blog, make sure they are seo-friendly, create white hat backlinks, build an email list, promote contents on social media, and be consistent.

If you carry out these steps, you’d be surprised at how your blog would grow.

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