2019 SEO Checklist & Tricks For New Bloggers: How To Increase Site Visitors & Search Traffic (Guide)

2019 seo checklist new bloggers

2019 SEO Checklist & Tricks For New Bloggers: How To Increase Site’s Visitors & Search Traffic (Guide)

What is SEO?

Search Engine Optimization is a technique that can be used to increase the quality and quantity of users who visit your website or blog through the results of organic search engines. Organic results are the results you don’t pay for.

New SEO Tips and Tricks For 2019

  1. Optimization: If your site contains images, make sure they are properly optimized and compressed so that the site can load faster. Photoshop and ImageOptim can be used to achieve this.
  1. Hosting Providers: You definitely have some competitors. So, find out the hosting services they are using and compare their loading speed. Make sure you carry out a test of different hosting providers and select the best especially with regard to speed.
  1. Quality Content: It is good for your site to have high-quality content that is researched extensively. Include facts and figures and images that are easy to understand. You are not likely to succeed in content marketing if your posts have short features. Depending on your niche, make sure you give a detailed analysis of what you discuss.
  1. Content Update: When you update your site regularly, it will always remain fresh and informative. Giving current information that is factual will give you credibility and drive traffic to you.
  1. Focus on your goals: As you write your post, keep your goals and objectives in mind and do not derail. Lead your customers gradually to your goal. For example, if you have a site to sell something, let your sales page direct users to take action.
  1. Optimized video content: Generally, people who use search engines love videos, and Google wants to give users valuable content. So, when you add video content to your website or blog, you increase your chances of appearing in the video results of Google search engine.
  1. Social media presence: There is a need for you to make your presence very strong on social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, and others. Using this strategy is a sound marketing advice because social media plays a vital role in the optimization of search engines. The social media profiles of many companies usually appear in the top listings of searches, so users will usually click your social media pages to know more about your product or service.
  1. Mobile device optimization: It is important to note that there is a difference on how keywords are ranked on mobile devices and on desktop or laptop computers. So there is a need to create mobile site content that is easy to navigate anywhere.
  1. Invest in your site: When you invest in your site by paying for content such as custom pictures, images, and SEO tools, your users will see you as being credible and will regularly check your posts.
  1. Use long tail keywords: These are phrases that are longer in length but are more specific to the needs of those who are searching. These ones will bring more traffic than the usual keywords that are made up of just one or two words.

In summary, for your site to be ranked among the top websites by search engines, make sure it contains what your customers want and make it easy to read and navigate because content is key.

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